Preaching beyond the choir

aka Downloads 2One of the greatest challenges faced by those of us who, by the grace of God, recognize the severity of the current crisis in the Catholic Church, is figuring out how to move beyond simply “preaching to the choir,” and to somehow go about opening the eyes of those who as yet remain trapped in some degree of ignorance or denial.

It occurs to me that one of the best ways to do this is to draw attention to the Social Kingship of Christ, and for two reasons:

One, the unwillingness of our sacred pastors (up to and including the popes) over the last fifty plus years to preach the fullness of this immutable doctrine (if in fact one presumes to believe that they still embrace it) lies at the very heart of the current crisis.

Secondly, in spite of any confusion or ignorance from which they may presently suffer, every sincere seeker of Christian truth just implicitly knows “in their gut” that unless the Sovereign Rights of Jesus Christ are given primacy in all things, nothing but chaos and disorder will ensue. As such, this all-too-ignored doctrine is the perfect starting point for opening the eyes of those who are as yet unaware of the great Catholic inheritance of which all of us have been robbed.

Pius X Coat of ArmsIn order, therefore, to do my own small part in the effort to instaurare omnia in Christo (restore all things in Christ), I’ve decided to make a couple of my publications available here as free downloads.

You will notice that the menu bar at the top of the page now features a link to a new page where the Traditio Quas Primas Study Guide and the book, Was John Courtney Murray Right? can be downloaded without cost.

I’m under no illusions that these offerings make a profound contribution to the defense of tradition, but I have reason to believe (based on feedback from clergy and laity alike) that they may serve to provide a “spark” capable of igniting a burning desire to discover all that Catholic tradition has to offer.

Please feel free to avail yourself of these publications, and perhaps even more importantly for our regular readers, to make it a point to disseminate them to those family members and friends who most need to be awakened from their post-conciliar slumber.

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