Bergoglio confronts Viganò, calls in the big guns

Rosary CounterJorge “I will not say a word” Bergoglio – apparently believing that the time has come to confront Archbishop Viganò’s testimony head-on – has decided to call in the big guns.

On Saturday, the Holy See Press Office issued a communiqué stating that the “Holy Father” [sic] is inviting the faithful:

“… to pray the Holy Rosary every day, during the entire Marian month of October, and thus to join in communion and in penitence, as the people of God, in asking the Holy Mother of God and Saint Michael Archangel to protect the Church from the devil, who always seeks to separate us from God and from each other.”

Although Viganò is not named in the statement, it is clear that he is the focus of the invitation:

The prayer – the Pontiff affirmed a few days ago, on 11 September, in a homily at Santa Marta, citing the first book of Job – is the weapon against the Great Accuser who “goes around the world seeking to accuse”. Only prayer can defeat him. The Russian mystics and the great saints of all the traditions advised, in moments of spiritual turbulence, to shelter beneath the mantle of the Holy Mother of God…

Prayer, the Holy Rosary, the Holy Mother of God…

No, these are not the “big guns” to which I refer, but rather, as the communiqué states:

In recent days, before his departure for the Baltic States, the Holy Father met with Fr. Fréderic Fornos, S.J., international director of the World Network of Prayer for the Pope, and asked him to spread this appeal to all the faithful throughout the world…

So, what is the so-called World Network of Prayer for the Pope?

It’s a Masonic communications firm dedicated to promoting the one-world religion that is pretending to be Catholic. These are the same bozos that produce the dreadful “Pope Video” series, the first of which can be viewed below (with the message accurately translated in the subtitles courtesy of yours truly).

After the akaCatholic video above was viewed more than 8,000 times over the course of just a week, the “World Network” responded by filing a copyright violation claim. The video was initially taken down, but after I filed a counterclaim arguing in favor of artistic license as defined by U.S. copyright law, it was restored.

A few days later, Fr. Fornos issued a statement defending the video’s Masonic message. It reads in part:

Some are concerned that Buddha, Jesus, and Allah are shown audio-visually to exist at the same level. You can understand the concern; however, the point is respect for others’ beliefs. It is important not to take these images of out their context. As a Catholic, I believe that Jesus is “the Way, the Truth and the Life,” I feel no need to impose my belief on others.

According to Fr. Fornos, the point of juxtaposing an image of Our Blessed Lord alongside a number of false gods, as if He were but one among many, was to illustrate “the universal desire to walk together in love for humanity even though we are different.”

Ah, yes… love for humanity. With this in mind, one must admit that Fr. Fornos titled his statement rather appropriately: In the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council

So there you have it, folks: In the face of Archbishop Viganò’s testimony, Jorge the Heretic (who has had many words to say about the claims made therein albeit in a veiled and most cowardly fashion) has decided to call in the big guns; enlisting the aid of a communications firm that specializes in promoting the Council’s unbridled humanism.

This makes perfect sense because, you see, for Bergoglio, the challenge at hand has nothing whatsoever to do with taking up the Sword of Truth in a battle against evil.

To him, it’s about finding a way to bolster sinking personal approval ratings and getting past what he views as nothing more than a mere bump in the conciliar road to a one-world church. It’s a PR challenge; one that he is determined to win on the battlefield of social media.

So, please, don’t be fooled: Remember, this is the same foul-mouthed modernist who just weeks into his occupation of Rome saw fit to poke fun at “Rosary counters,” who looking to him as “father” sincerely offered their prayers as a gift. Since then, he has more than proven that he is but a hireling who cares not one whit about the eternal welfare of the flock.

Bergoglio’s plea for the faithful to pray the Rosary is nothing more than a self-serving ploy that, far from honoring the Holy Mother of God, is yet another insult to Our Lady of Fatima, who, let us not forget, repeatedly  requested daily recitation of the Rosary long ago.

Far be it for Jorge to remind the faithful about Fatima, however!

Even so, the communiqué audaciously refers to the Marian devotion of “the Russian mystics and the great saints of all the traditions;” no doubt an homage to the Orthodox whose nation remains unconverted to this day for one reason and one reason alone – Our Lady’s requests and warnings as given at Fatima have been roundly ignored. Yet another finger in her eye…

For years on end, Bergoglio has shown time and again that he isn’t above misusing and abusing anything as he sees fit in order to further his agenda. The Mass, Sacred Scripture, the words of the Church Fathers, the teachings of Aquinas, etc. – nothing  it seems is so sacred that he is unwilling to wield it as a weapon against those whose only crime is standing up for Truth. As such, who can be surprised that he is now making a mockery of the Rosary for similar ends?

aka Spin Job