Bergoglio: A chip off the “Old Scratch”

francis-and-mullerAndrea Tornielli at Vatican Insider has provided excerpts of a private address given by Francis to a gathering of Jesuits while in Chile last month.

The money quote is in the headline:

“I don’t read websites that accuse me of heresy”

And here I thought he was an avid akaCatholic reader! Oh, well.

Before we get to the meat of the article, get this from Francis:

This pontificate is a rather quiet period. From the moment I realized what was going to happen in the Conclave – an instant surprise for me – I felt a great peace.

Someone is lying; more likely, lots of someones.

Readers may recall that Francis’ biographer, Austen Ivereigh, wrote of those lobbying for Bergoglio’s election (e.g., St. Gallen’s mafia) in 2013:

They first secured Bergoglio’s assent. Asked if he was willing, he said that he believed that at this time of crisis for the Church no cardinal could refuse if asked. Murphy-O’Connor knowingly warned him to ‘be careful,’ and that it was his turn now, and was told ‘capisco’ – ‘I understand.’

After this revelation led to charges that the election may be invalid, Ivereigh recanted and stressed that Bergoglio had not been asked if he was willing.

Maybe I’m just cynical, but this “instant surprise” claim coming from the same man who was recently exposed as having, shall we say, been less than truthful concerning his awareness of sex abuse claims made against Bishop Juan Barros, sounds an awful lot like protesting too much.

Add to this the widely circulated and broadly accepted report (also endorsed by Ivereigh) that Bergoglio was the runner-up in the 2005 election of Cardinal Ratzinger, and one is hard pressed to believe that he experienced an unpopular ugly girl made homecoming queen moment in conclave 2013.

In any case, the lying has just begun.

Later in the address, Francis told this whopper:

There are doctrinal resistances … When I perceive resistance, I try to talk, when dialogue is possible; but some resistance comes from people who believe they have the true doctrine and accuse you of being heretical.

This is the same guy who thus far has refused to grant an audience to the authors of the Dubia that he refuses to answer. Some dialogue, that.

Think about it: Only the truly disinterested are unaware of the fact that Francis does not try to talk with those who resist his agenda; he does the exact opposite. This isn’t a secret.

And yet, here he is insisting upon what everyone paying attention knows is false.

What we have here, folks, is not just your ordinary, garden variety obfuscator, but quite possibly a pathological liar – one who suffers with a psychiatric malady that causes one to lie even when the truth is widely known.

In any case, note the criteria used by Francis for determining when “dialogue is possible.”

According to his own admission, it simply is not possible with those “who believe they have the true doctrine.” In other words, faithful Catholics, who believe what the Church has always taught, and understand that it is immutable, need not apply!

I would submit to you (as I have in the past) that Francis doesn’t so much suffer a psychiatric illness as a spiritual disease; one wherein the presence of demonic influence is becoming more and more difficult to deny.

Francis continued, speaking of mental health:       

When I find no spiritual goodness in these people, for what they say or write, I simply pray for them. I feel sorry, but I will not dwell on this feeling for my mental health.

NOTE: “These people” refers to those who “believe they have the true doctrine;” it is in these persons that Bergoglio finds “no spiritual goodness!”

Let’s be clear, he’s not discussing anonymous bogeymen, but rather real people like Cardinals Raymond Burke and Brandmuller, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and others, who although men of the Council and part of the problem, can hardly be dismissed as having “no spiritual goodness” – that is, not unless one has a diabolical hatred for the Catholic faith and those who wish to embrace it.

The lying continued, as Francis went on to say:

Before a difficulty I never call it a “resistance”, because it would mean giving up discerning, which is what I want to do instead.

Does he really think that we have forgotten the way he ran roughshod over the opposition at the sham Synods; simply because they stood for Catholic doctrine?

Recall the letter signed by thirteen cardinals and sent to Francis during Synod 2015 pointing out what is now obvious to everyone:

A number of [Synod] fathers feel the new process seems designed to facilitate predetermined results on important disputed questions.

His reaction to that letter?

To warn the entire Synod on the following day “not to give in to the conspiracy hermeneutic, which is sociologically weak and spiritually unhelpful.”

Amid all of the lying, Francis did manage to tell a few truths:

The famous “it has always been so” reigns everywhere, it is a great temptation that we all experienced. The resistances after Vatican II, still present today, have this meaning: to relativize, to water down the Council.

Commenting on the Church’s needs moving forward, Francis returned to this theme:

Take back the Second Vatican Council, the Lumen Gentium. While speaking to the Chilean bishops, I exhorted them to “declericalize.” Evangelization is made by the Church as the people of God. The Lord is asking us to be a “Church which goes forth” a camp hospital… A poor Church for the poor! The poor are not a theoretical formula of the Communist Party, they are the center of the Gospel!

In this there is nothing new, but rather confirmation of what has been said many times on these pages, Francis is a problem; an unprecedented problem, but he isn’t the problem, the roots to which run directly back to the Second Vatican Council, and from there, to the Devil himself.

And why, in sum, is the Council such a font of evil?

Francis couldn’t have made it plainer:

It removed Jesus Christ from the center of the Gospel, and in His place it elevated man. In this, one might rightly discern the Evil One bragging.

Francis went on:

It is on this line that I feel the Spirit is taking us. There are strong resistances, but for me the fact that they are born is a sign that we are going down the right road. Otherwise, the Devil would not rush to resist”.

See what he did there? He is calling those who hold fast to the true doctrine of the Church the “Devil,” and giving credit to the Holy Ghost for abandoning the same.

This has the Devil’s handwriting all over it, and note very well that it comes straight from the playbook of Bergoglio’s “bright light,” the soon to be “canonized” Paul VI.

Many people who should know better get this wrong:

When Montini decried the “smoke of Satan,” he wasn’t making a tacit admission that the Council itself is problematic; rather, he (just like his protege Bergoglio) was denouncing those who were resisting the Council as tools of Satan as he went on to say:

We believe in something preternatural coming into the world [the Devil] precisely to disturb, to suffocate anything of the Ecumenical Council, and to prevent the Church from blossoming in the joy of having regained full consciousness of Herself.

In total, this latest truckload of Bergoglian garbage amounts to nothing more than evidence heaped upon evidence attesting to fact that the man presently posing as pope is a magnificent deceiver who loathes the Catholic faith.

Blessed Lent, everyone.


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