ANNOUNCEMENT: Dubiagate – Point / Counterpoint

point-counterpointAs I wrote last week, my statements concerning Francis, the dubia, and what I consider to be the judgment of formal heresy that he has pronounced against himself, has been met with a number of objections; not just from the usual suspects, but from traditional Catholics as well.

Let me broaden this just a bit to say that said objections have come also from a number good friends for whom I have great respect.

Among them is Robert Siscoe, who as readers will recall, co-authored the book True or False Pope with yet another friend, John Salza.

At Robert’s suggestion, he and I have agreed to engage in an exchange of ideas concerning how or when a heretical Pope loses his office; in particular, as the topic relates to current events under Francis.

Our hope is that this exchange will in some way prove edifying for our readers; helping them to come to grips with the historic, unprecedented events through which we are presently living.

Robert and I are confident that, if nothing else, we will demonstrate in this effort that so-called “traditionalists” (aka Catholics) can disagree strongly on important matters and yet remain not only charitable toward one another, but friends and brothers in arms.

Look for a post from Robert Siscoe engaging my position in this space tomorrow.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

aka focus

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