Was John Paul II a visionary?

JPII KoranThe Italian Catholic daily, La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, recently reported that Pope John Paul II had a mystical experience wherein he foresaw an Islamic invasion of Europe in the Third Millennium.

That story has since been translated into various languages and is garnering a great deal of international attention.

The source for the story is one Msgr. Mauro Longhi, an Opus Dei priest and longtime personal confident of the Polish pope, who in a lecture given on October 22nd (the “Great” one’s Novus Ordo feast day) revealed publicly, apparently for the very first time, a private conversation that he had with John Paul II in 1993.

According to Msgr. Longhi, John Paul II shared with him the following:

Tell this to those whom you will meet in the Church of the third millennium. I see the Church afflicted by a mortal wound. More profound, more painful than those of this millennium, it is called Islamism. They will invade Europe. I have seen the hordes come from the West to the East.  They will invade Europe. Europe will be a cellar – old relics, gloom, cobwebs, family memories.

This, Monsignor Longhi described as but one of John Paul’s “nightly visions.”

As if to provide corroborating testimony, Msgr. Longhi told his audience that he had spoken with the Polish Cardinal Andrzej Deskur (d. 2011), who was arguably one of Wojtyla’s closest of friends, for insight into the mystical experiences of the late pontiff.

According to Longhi:

‘He has the gift of vision,’ Andrzej Deskur told me. I asked him what he meant. ‘He speaks with God incarnate, Jesus, sees his face and also sees the face of his mother.’

When asked for how long he enjoyed such privileged conversations, Cardinal Deskur said, “From his first Mass on November 2, 1946, during the elevation of the sacred Host.”

At this, a few observations are in order…

Without going so far as to suggest that any of the abovementioned claims are mere fabrications, the timing of their revelation raises a number of questions.

Strange, is it not, that Msgr. Longhi is just now getting around to letting the world know about this vision – more appropriately, warning – of John Paul II?

One can well understand him believing it prudent to keep it to himself while the “visionary” was still alive, but John Paul II died over a decade ago; five years into the Third Millennium – the very time he was instructed to reveal the warning.

Could it be that he intended to reveal it sooner, but was afraid to do so in light of the Islamic world’s violent reaction to the infamous Regensburg address of Benedict XVI, given just eleven months following Wojtyla’s death?

Or is it the case that Msgr. Longhi, prior to Europe being overrun as it is in our day with Islamic invaders posing as refugees,  previously thought the vision so fantastic as to perhaps be untrue, and so kept it quiet for fear of sullying the reputation of his dear friend, the so-called “Great” one?

Whatever the case may be, Msgr. Longhi has at last delivered the warning, along with the visionary’s instructions for how to address the Islamic assault.

According to Longhi, John Paul II said:

You, the Church of the third millennium, must contain the invasion. Not with armies, armies will not be enough, but with your faith, lived with integrity.

So, what do I make of all of this?

The entire affair, all of it, comes from the Devil.

First, let’s consider the instructions left behind by the visionary:

The Church must contain the invasion…

Contain it?

The implication here is obvious – even the most violent adherents to Islam enjoy the right to religious freedom; after all, the Council to beat all councils said so!

As such, the Islamic invaders mustn’t be defeated or otherwise forced to abandon their assault against God and man.

Not with armies…

Contrast this with the way in which the Church successfully addressed the Islamic invasions of the past; e.g., in eighth century Spain commencing with the Battle of Covadonga, and in the sixteenth century, most notably in the Battle of Lepanto in 1570.

In addition to being military confrontations, what do these examples have in common?

The Church and her defenders entrusted themselves (NB: trust) to the protection of Our Blessed Lady.

In our day, much of the “Church of the Third Millennium,” more specifically those who exercise authority in her name, no longer have any real trust in the Mother of Our Lord.

They prefer instead to place their confidence in man, the Council that deified him apart from God, and the pope who for nearly twenty-seven years dedicated himself to its implementation – “John Paul the Great.”

Contain the invasion with your faith, lived with integrity.

This is the Council’s mandate for the church of the “New Pentecost,” aka the church-of-man:

It is no longer mete to condemn errors, much less to do battle with the false religions of the world, it is enough simply live one’s faith, in this case, the conciliar faith, and somehow all of us – apostates and infidels alike – will converge at the nexus of all truth.

Needless to say, this is quite unlike the mission that Christ entrusted to the Church Militant.

John Paul II has been canonized a “Saint,” which ostensibly means that he has provided the faithful with a “heroic” example of what it means to live the faith with integrity.

In the present case, we are being asked to believe that this includes embracing the Council’s suggestion that Muslims and Catholics worship the same God, reverencing the blasphemous book of lies known as the Qur’an, and joining the Polish pope in praying (and publicly, no less) “May St. John the Baptist protect Islam.”

[NOTE: This prayer of John Paul II was offered in Jordan in the year 2000, seven years after he told Msgr. Longhi of his vision.]

Is this behavior of a man who daily  (if Msgr. Longhi and Cardinal Deskur are to be believed) spoke directly with Jesus and Mary?

The very idea is preposterous.

In spite of this, there are many (of the neo-conservative kind) who are apparently convinced that John Paul II, as evidence by the growing Islamic menace in Europe, had indeed served the Church as God’s special messenger.

Long story short, my friends, Msgr. Longhi’s revelation has been perfectly timed; that is, from the perspective of the Evil One; the Adversary of God who would like nothing better than to distract humankind from those warnings and messages that truly are of divine origin and meant specifically for our day.

Clearly, the Catholic world, and even the secular world to an extent, has a healthy appetite for the mystical. This can be a good thing given that God does indeed choose to enlighten and guide His Church, and indeed all of mankind, in such a way; e.g., the visions of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, who Our Lord commissioned to establish devotion to His Sacred Heart, and the great graces that flowed therefrom.

This appetite for the mystical can also be used by the Devil, however, to deceive those who depart from the confines of the true faith.

As I write, needless to say, the most critically important mystical manifestation of Divine solicitousness concerns the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima.

I do not believe for a moment that it is mere coincidence that Msgr. Longhi’s conference took place just days nine days after the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s final appearance at Fatima and the great miracle of the sun that attests to its authenticity beyond any reasonable doubt – a moment in time when interest in her message is surging.

It’s as if the Devil is saying:

So, you want to follow visionaries? Pay no attention to those three uneducated little shepherd children, I’ll give you a visionary – the greatest pope of the age!

That the entire affair is but a diabolical ploy to distract the world from the message of Fatima is most explicitly evidenced by Msgr. Longhi’s explanation of John Paul’s prophetic vision of a “wound” on the Church; one “more profound, more painful than those of this millennium, it is called Islamism.”

These wounds of the second millennium, Msgr. Longhi explained, “referred to those of Communism and Nazi totalitarianism.”

As most readers of this space are well aware, the “errors of Russia” of which Our Lady warned at Fatima are directly related to Communism.

What some may not realize is that one of the most aggressive and, for some, compelling, arguments leveled against the authenticity of Our Lady’s warning as told by Sr. Lucia concerned the rise of Naziism.

Surely, it is said, the spread of Nazi totalitarianism was the most dangerous threat facing the Church and the world at that time; not the so-called “errors of Russia.”

Sr. Lucia’s recollection, therefore, cannot be trusted – at least insofar as this particular part of the message is concerned.

[NOTE: The chief purveyor of this opinion was one Fr. Edouard Dhanis, S.J., (b. 1902, d. 1978) who devoted much energy to refuting the Fatima message save for a generic call to prayer and penance; an attitude widely embraced in modern day Rome.]

The takeaway from Msgr. Longhi’s presentation, which effectively addresses both the supporters and the detractors of Fatima in one fell swoop, is obvious:

The age of Fatima’s relevance, if ever it existed, has most certainly passed. Today, we have bigger fish to fry, “it is called Islamism.”

Is the Islamic menace a problem?

Of course it is, and let us not forget that it is so precisely because it is a tool of Satan. It is not, however, the potential “wound” on the Church to beat all others.

That distinction belongs to none other than the content of Our Lady’s prophetic warnings as issued at Fatima; the great apostasy that will begin at the top, the spread of Russia’s errors even into the Church, the suicide of altering the Church’s faith, in her liturgy, her theology, and her soul, a bad council and a bad Mass…

The only way to effectively address the Islamic assault on Europe (and elsewhere), which is undoubtedly real, is not to continue practicing the empty conciliar faith; rather, it is to recover the true faith of the Church Militant.

So, was John Paul II a visionary?

Yes, I believe that he was, but the visions he was given came not from Heaven, but from the very pit of Hell.

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