Tuning into Francis

Vatican Radio BergoglioPope Francis has a gift. No, it’s not the gift of faith, but it’s a gift nonetheless, and that is the ability to communicate with remarkable clarity.

Yes, I know, Francis has long been criticized for creating a whirlwind of confusion among Catholics thanks, allegedly, to his unorthodox style and his proclivity for off-the-cuff remarks, but that’s not the case at all.

The real problem as it concerns all of the chaos surrounding this pontificate lies not so much with Francis as it does with those who try to shoehorn his words and deeds into a Catholic mold instead of simply taking him at his word and acknowledging him for who he is.

In other words, we might say that while Francis is broadcasting in crystal clear high definition via his own radio station, far too many of the faithful are tuned into a different, more Catholic, frequency where the transmission often experiences interference.

The heathens, the heretics, and the just plain worldly among us don’t have this problem. From day one, they have been on the same wave length as Francis; they hear him loud and clear, and they love him.

For instance, when the Bishop in White first appeared on the balcony at St. Peter’s like a deer in the headlights and uttered his first unforgettable words, many devout Catholics were a bit taken aback. The simple, the earthbound, and even the Church’s enemies, on the other hand, were charmed.

The difference?

They accepted that “Buona sera!” was pretty much all that he had to offer to the world at that moment; i.e., they simply took him at his word.

Yesterday, in his address to the Convention of the Italian Church in Florence, Francis once again demonstrated his gift for piercing clarity when he summed up the meaning of life according to Jorge, and likewise his understanding of the Church’s mission, thus:

“Our duty is to make this world a better place…”

No doubt, many of the faithful, clergy included, will receive these words and immediately take it upon themselves to impute to them (perhaps even subconsciously) some deeper Catholic meaning wherein our obligation to continue the work of redemption, to evangelize all nations and to strive for eternal salvation are simply presumed.

Those who are dialed-in to what the Francis is actually saying, by contrast, know better.

They realize and accept that Jorge Bergoglio really and truly believes that his duty, your duty, my duty, the State’s duty, the Church’s duty, etc., extends no further than to make this world a better place.

As for that other world that is eternal life?

Francis has “faith” (if you’ll excuse the expression) that this has been accomplished for all who but follow the example of Jesus; provided it is understood that the “Jesus” he has in mind is really little more than the first century Jew who went about doing good deeds.

As for his deeper underlying motives, let us repeat after Pope St. Pius X who said of the modernists (of which Francis is most certainly one), even as he judged the objective reality of their words and deeds with severity, “We leave out of consideration the internal disposition of soul, of which God alone is the judge.” (Pascendi – 3)

Point being, my friends, at the end of the day, Francis isn’t very confusing at all; at least not once we accept that his entire pontificate is fueled by nothing more than a misguided desire to make this world a better place – not objectively better, mind you, but rather “better” as he personally (and erroneously) conceives of such things.

Now, let me be clear; that is not to give him a pass for his cunningness in furthering an objectively evil agenda; much less do I wish to excuse his obvious hatred of all things traditional (aka Catholic) and those who embrace them, as if to suggest that I know that he means well.

I simply wish to acknowledge the sad truth regarding that upon which he relies as justification for his destructive behavior; feeble justification though it is.


Francis wants the Church to stop behaving as if she has all the answers. He wants a poor Church for the poor. He wants the people of the world to embrace radical environmentalism. He wants open borders. He wants a synodal Church. He wants shepherds who follow and smell like the sheep. He wants a Church that is unconcerned with doctrines and rules and procedures. He wants all who wish to receive Holy Communion to be invited to come forth regardless of their disposition, and on and on the list could go.

And why does he want all of these things?

Because rather than believing what the Church believes; namely, that “the absolute and immutable truth preached by the Apostles from the beginning may never be believed to be different, and may never be understood in any other way” (cf Pope St. Pius X, Oath Against Modernism), he believes that if his desires come to fruition this world will be a better place.

It is for this very same reason that he works so mightily to promote the One-World Religion of Apostate Rome; encouraging heathens, heretics and Jews to join with us as “brothers and sisters” in service to the world.

As he stated in his recent audience wherein he professed what I called The Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man:

… we may be joined by many people who are not believers or who are in search of God and of the Truth, people who place at the centre the face of another person, in particular the face of a needy brother or sister. The mercy to which we are called embraces all of creation, which God entrusted to us so that we keep it, not exploit it or worse still, destroy it. We must always seek to leave the world better than we found it… [emphasis added]

By no mere coincidence, it is this same earthbound, spiritually bankrupt, and ultimately evil pursuit that inspires the Freemasons.

Conduct a search for information on Freemasonry and you will find that practically all of the literature promoting membership therein includes such statements as the following found on the website internationalmasons.org:

The doors of Freemasonry are open to men who seek harmony with their fellow man, feel the need for self-improvement and wish to participate in making this world a better place to live.  [emphasis added]

One ponders the impetus for the Franciscan reign of terror in vain searching for anything more profound than this:

Francis, no doubt with the Devil’s help, has convinced himself that he is laboring, just as he has been telling us all along, to make the world a better place.

This is what moves both the Mason, and the current Bishop of Rome, to act as they do.

As Porky Pig says, That’s all folks!

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