The winds of change…

Heavy wondsThe infernal Enemy is on the prowl, and the winds of change are blowing…

Not just in modern day Rome at the hands of unscrupulous men in positions of power, but also in those faithful Catholic outposts where people gather to nourish one another in the true faith while laboring as best they can to defend Holy Mother Church; like right here.

This only makes sense. We are, after all, at war.

I will go into greater detail soon about the sorts of things we’re having to weather, but suffice to say for now that certain changes to the blog are necessary in order to avoid the very real possibility of becoming a casualty, and one of them concerns ads.

As you know, we’ve given Google AdSense a run for the past few months, and if nothing else, it demonstrated the usefulness of this space as an advertising vehicle.

That said, it has been less than ideal. I know just from my own “user” experience that the ads are often of no interest to me (and presumably to our readers as well), and therefore serve no purpose in sustaining our efforts.

The far better (but also more labor intensive) approach, is selling space to advertisers who have something of interest to offer to a well-defined traditional Catholic audience.

With this in mind, I’d like your input as to potential advertisers (specific vendors, ideally, but perhaps just industry) that you think might fit this profile.

Any and all thoughts are welcome.

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