The “Uncle Teddy” McCarrick Case – UPDATE

“Kingmaker,” Cardinal Francis Spellman, who ordained and/or consecrated many clerics among the sodomite ranks
By Randy Engel

[NOTE: On June 29th, The “Uncle Teddy” McCarrick Case, by Randy Engel, was posted here at akaCatholic. Since then, Mrs. Engel has become aware of an error in the Epilogue of the article. Being the consummate profession and a journalist of the highest integrity, she offers the correction below. May God bless her for her diligence and good work! – Louie]

Re: The Epilogue to the AKA article of July 29, 2018, “The ‘Uncle Teddy’ McCarrick Case.”

Due to a grammatical misreading of my source material which was the Fr. Robert M. Hoatson Civil Action New York Suit of December 13, 2005 (available online HERE),   I mistakenly included Bishop Charles J. McDonnell as one of the two bishops involved with Fr. Alfonso de Condorpusa, when in fact Fr. Hoatson referenced only one bishop who was involved with Condorpusa  and that was Bishop Paul Bootkowski. 

I happily make this public correction to my AKA Catholic article and will include it in my next printing of The Rite of Sodomy. I am in the process of writing a personal apology to retired Bishop McDonnell, aged 90,  asking him for forgiveness for any difficulty my grammatical confusion has caused him. 

I am especially thankful to the loyal friends of Bishop McDonnell who brought this matter to my attention. They did me a great service and I am very grateful to them for helping me to set the record straight.   Thank you.

– Randy Engel

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