The Great Consecration Obfuscation: A final word

The closer one looks at the official text for tomorrow’s charade, the uglier it gets.

In addition to its shout out to the UN and the WEF as highlighted in my post from yesterday, it appears that Pachamama is also getting a wink-and-a-nod.

As reported by Ann Barnhardt yesterday:

In the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese versions of the faux-consecration text released by the Antichurch, the title “Queen of Heaven” (intact in the English version), is perverted to “tierra del Cielo” in Spanish, “terra do Céu” in Portuguese, and “terra del Cielo” in Italian. Never before have these languages used this bizarre form with the word “tierra/terra” when referring to Mary as Queen of Heaven.

What “terra del Cielo” literally means is “the land in the sky”… AND GUESS WHO GOES BY THAT TITLE??? Yup. The Pachamama demon.  The “land in the sky” is one of the Pachademon’s “domains”, and “tierra del cielo” is a Pachamama title. It is “wenu mapu” in the Mapuche language and religion.

UPDATE: This “land in the sky” crap is also confirmed present in the Polish and German official texts. 

That settles it! Can there be any doubt that the events of March 25, 2022, will go down in history as the moment in time when the flood gates of chastisement were thrown wide open, ushering in WWIII?

After all, Our Lady warned us that Russia’s errors will result in wars, persecution of the Church, and the annihilation of various nations. If this mockery of Our Lady doesn’t trigger the global conflagration of which she warned, nothing will.


Maybe so, then again, maybe not. 

Is chastisement going to result from tomorrow’s events? Yes, as previously stated, I believe that it will.

A better question would be, however, is more chastisement coming?

When considering the nature of chastisement, we often tend to focus almost exclusively on matters temporal. This view is deficient, of course, but look around you: What do you see? 

Misery, suffering, conflict, deception, persecution, lawlessness, widespread immorality, the wanton extermination of innocent lives, etc. 

Humanity has long been laboring under severe chastisement even if considered in the temporal aspect alone. This is minor, however, as compared to matters spiritual: 

A counterfeit church that has managed to convince the majority of people that it really is the Holy Roman Catholic Church established by Christ; a mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that the majority of people consider the actual Roman Rite; a blaspheming, heretical, globalist tool that the majority of people believe to be pope, etc.

Can it get worse? Sure, in fact, as Sacred Scripture plainly attests, it most certainly will at some point. 

That said, don’t resign yourself just yet to the mistaken notion that the events of tomorrow will necessarily invite chastisement alone. 

Despite so many signs that the masterminds in Rome are Hell bent on mockery, Our Lord is still King, and His Mother Mary, Our Queen, and both remain solicitous of the needs of the faithful.

In pondering the possible outcomes from tomorrow’s events, the story of the Patriarch, Joseph, came to mind. To synopsize briefly:

Motivated by envy and hatred, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt, after which God forewarned Pharoah, through Joseph, of a coming famine. In gratitude, Pharoah placed Joseph over the entire kingdom:

Thou shalt be over my house, and at the commandment of thy mouth all the people shall obey: only in the kingly throne will I be above thee. And again Pharao said to Joseph: Behold, I have appointed thee over the whole land of Egypt. (Genesis 41:40-41) 

At Joseph’s command, steps were taken to store up grain in preparation for the coming famine. Starvation was thereby averted, not only for the Egyptians, but also for Joseph’s father, Jacob, as well as the very brothers who had sold him into slavery. 

Fast forward to March 25, 2022…

Tomorrow, a man merely posing as the possessor of the papacy – the office of Our Lord’s vicar, appointed to rule over His house, the Church on earth – will undertake to mock Our Lady of Fatima, through whom God forewarned humanity of a coming crisis far worse than famine.  

How will Our Lady respond? 

This remains to be seen, but given that millions upon millions of devout voices will be pleading for her aid tomorrow, perhaps she will respond to the Bergoglian Globalists in a manner similar to the way in which Joseph addressed his brothers:   

You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people. (Genesis 50:20)

May it please the Lord Jesus Christ to turn the events of tomorrow into good, unto the exaltation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His Mother and ours, that many might be saved.