The godless left has a lesson for Catholics

Protesters flood the streets of LA after news that Roe v. Wade may be overturned

As readers are most certainly aware, a U.S. Supreme Court draft was leaked to the media several days ago indicating that the High Court is about to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

If indeed the Court so rules, abortion will not immediately be made illegal, rather, the matter will be left for individual states to decide.  The so-called Center for Reproductive Rights, an abortion-on-demand advocacy group, estimates that twenty-five U.S. states would likely take steps to ban abortion under such a scenario.

Reaction on the part of the left was swift as the liberal maggotry – featuring a sizable contingent of overweight sweaty bull dikes and testosterone-free soyboys – immediately flooded the streets of major U.S. cities in public protest. (See photo above.)

If nothing else, the outrage of the godless left, and the vociferousness and speediness with which they organized to express it, is impressive.  

At present, a ruling to overturn Roe hasn’t even been issued; it looms only as a possibility. As for when the ruling may come one way or the other, no one is certain. 

And yet, within hours of the mere suggestion that their freedom to legally immolate their own offspring may be curtailed in some parts of the U.S. at some undetermined point in the future, Satan’s minions were out pounding the pavement, waving signs, chanting and howling in protest. 

Other protesters, however, chose simply to lift high the coat hanger, the symbolic message unmistakable: So help me I will declare victory over the bloody remains of my murdered baby, even if I have to jam this metal wire into my vajayjay myself!  

Their leaders likewise wasted little time in making their discontent known. 

On Tuesday, one day after the document leak, Kamala Harris, speaking at a fortuitously timed gala hosted by Emily’s List – a Democrat run kill-your-baby organization – demon-shrieked from the podium:  

How dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body! How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future! How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms!

The indiscriminate use of feminine pronouns aside, Harris made clear the non-negotiable position held by the Democrat ruling class and their followers:  

Women’s rights in America are under attack. If the court overturns Roe v. Wade, it will be a direct assault on freedom, on the fundamental right of self-determination to which all Americans are entitled. Roe protects the right to access abortion…

Yes, the godless left’s reaction to the Supreme Court leak was impressive in size, scope and timing. It was hardly, however, surprising. 

After all, their own souls notwithstanding, abortion is the left’s primary sacrificial offering to their deity of choice, the Devil himself. It’s the most highly exalted of their sacraments – loftier still than transgender mutilation and homo-nuptials – it’s the pinnacle of the liberals’ prayer life, the summit of their worship. 

Mess with that – rather, merely hint that you might mess with that – and there will be Hell to pay.

Now, contrast this with the way in which the Catholic world reacted when civil authorities around the globe used the COVIDS as an excuse to prevent access to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament, in some places even going so far as to dispatch police officers in riot gear to make certain that no one dared.

Public protests on the part of the faithful were so few and far between that one struggles to find any evidence that they ever took place.  The overwhelming majority of self-described Catholics (most of whom rarely if ever go to Mass anyway) contented themselves on Sundays with Pop Tarts and Novus Ordo TV as their bishops and priests dutifully fell in line. 

One expected as much from the hirelings of the conciliar church, but the situation among so-called traditionalists wasn’t much better. 

Recall, for example, the order issued by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in March 2020 prohibiting the public offering of Holy Mass:

We’ll stop all social events​, including weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies, but excluding funerals … If you don’t follow the rules the police will have the powers to enforce them, including through fines and dispersing gatherings.

Unlike Kamala Harris, who rallied the rank and file to defend their supposed “fundamental right to access abortion,” the District Superior of Great Britain for the SSPX, Fr. Robert Brucciani, promptly dispatched a letter to the faithful stating in part:

The British PM has left us with no choice but to cancel all public religious ceremonies and close our chapels in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for at least three weeks starting from this moment.

Fr. Brucciani went on to make it clear that the SSPX was committed to operating “within the government restrictions,” as if Christ the King has no inalienable rights. 

Fr. Jürgen Wegner, Brucciani’s counterpart in the U.S., issued similar directives.   

“If there are government rulings regarding canceling or reducing the size of gatherings, we will follow the lawful government orders,” Wegner wrote. 

Now, you tell me, which group is more dedicated to its stated cause, the diabolical agents of human sacrifice, or those who call themselves Catholic, clerics included?