The Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man

Francis interfaithDuring his General Audience of Wednesday, October 28, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, otherwise known as Pope Francis, delivered what may rightly be considered a concise “Profession of Faith” for the One-World Religion of Apostate Rome; let us call it the Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man.

Certainly, Francis is not the first bishop in white to embrace the Church of Man that emerged after Vatican Council II and its anthropocentric tenets, but he is by far its boldest evangelist to date.

As such, he is rather plainspoken (at least for those with ears to hear) about his desire to lure naïve souls away from Eternal Rome and the Holy Mother who nurtures her children in heavenly hope, in exchange for the suffocating confines of an earthbound religion that offers little more than fleeting good feelings born of pure sentimentalism.

At this, let us examine this Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man through the eyes of a so-called “traditionalist,” aka Catholic.

Citing the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate – the Declaration on the Relation of the Catholic Church to Non-Christian Religions of Vatican II – Francis opened his address by saying:

The Second Vatican Council was an extraordinary time of reflection, dialogue and prayer which aimed to renew the gaze of the Catholic Church on herself and on the world. A reading of the signs of the times in view of an update oriented by a twofold faithfulness: faithfulness to the ecclesial tradition and faithfulness to the history of the men and women of our time.

One notes with gratitude the clarity with which Francis speaks of the purpose for which the Council was called; to renew the gaze of the Catholic Church on herself and on the world by way of an update.

First, let it be said that the Church has never been called to gaze upon herself and the world; rather, she is called to gaze upon Christ as she cooperates with Him in redeeming the world!

That said, Francis does speak some truth.

Unlike the previous twenty ecumenical councils of the Church, Vatican II had nothing whatsoever to do with her actual mission; answering doctrinal questions of profound importance, much less addressing any sort of ecclesial crisis. Rather, this Council was called in order to “update” the Church according to the exigencies of modern men.

This update, according to Francis, was carried out, not in faithfulness to the Church’s Founder and Head, Christ the King, and the mission that He gave her, but rather to “the men and women of our time.”

Oh, sure, he paid lip service to the “ecclesial tradition,” but let us be clear:

Authentic ecclesial tradition is always and everywhere ordered toward the Christianization of the all the world for the salvation of souls; i.e., baptizing all nations, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever that Jesus commanded.

As Francis went on to make clear, however, this is not the mission of the Church of Man over which he lords; rather, it is to promote the One-World Religion of Apostate Rome.

Drawing from Nostra Aetate, Francis speaks of the following points as “always timely”:

The growing interdependence of peoples … the human search for the meaning of life, of suffering, of death, questions which always accompany our journey … religions as the search for God or of the Absolute, within our various ethnicities and cultures.

As if to dispense with any questions that may logically arise concerning the dangerous errors that permeate all of the non-Catholic religions, he spoke of “the benevolent and attentive gaze of the Church” on these religions, repeating after the Council, “she rejects nothing that is beautiful and true in them.”

Coming now to one of the main tenets of the Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man, he cites Nostra Aetate 3, saying:

The Church regards with esteem the believers of all religions, appreciating their spiritual and moral commitment.

How much more clear can it be made?

The primary focus of Apostate Rome and the Church of Man is man himself; it is man whom this church lavishes with esteem!

By contrast, Holy Mother Church looks to Christ the King as her primary focus. As such, her “benevolent and attentive gaze,” and her esteem is always and everywhere directed toward Him, and not, as Francis proudly professes on behalf of the Church of Man, toward all of the world’s religions without distinction.

For the true follower of Christ; i.e., the citizen of Eternal Rome, there can be no “appreciation” expressed for the “spiritual and moral commitment” of men who reject Our Blessed Lord. To do so would not only be a grave offense against Christ, which should be our first concern, but it would also consign those who are so “committed” to death. How dare we!

Francis continues:

The Church, open to dialogue with all, is at the same time faithful to the truths in which she believes, beginning with the truth that the salvation offered to everyone has its origin in Jesus, the One Saviour, and that the Holy Spirit is at work, as a font of peace and love.

Don’t be lulled to sleep by his misuse of familiar phrases that were stolen from Catholic tradition; rather, focus on the central message that is being conveyed, which is essentially this:

Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church, His Mystical Body, is not so much the solitary way of salvation apart from which no one is saved; rather, salvation simply has its “origins” in Christ.

This is a key distinction; one that allows those who dwell in the Church of Man to assert that salvation is attainable for those who reject the Catholic faith in favor of dwelling within in a religious community distinctly outside of the Church.

This much is made perfectly plain the Decree on Ecumenism of Vatican II, Unitatis Redintegratio, which states of “the separated Churches and Communities,” meaning – schismatic and heretical communities far too numerous to number:

For the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them as means of salvation which derive their efficacy from the very fullness of grace and truth entrusted to the Church.

Once again, do not be lulled into complacency by the traditional sounding qualifier, “which derive their efficacy from the very fullness of grace and truth entrusted to the Church.”

These communities have no efficacy with respect to salvation as communities.

Even so, the message of the Council has been made perfectly plain in the behavior of churchmen even to the highest places ever since; the Catholic Church is now understood as just one community of salvation among the many to which one might belong.

The Captains of Newchurch feel justified in maintaining this falsehood because they are willing to go only so far as to say, as Francis proclaimed, that salvation has its origins in Jesus, which is rather different than professing that salvation is attainable only in Christ Jesus, and therefore, His Mystical Body here present on earth, the Church.

The modernists are very subtle indeed, but it is in reducing Our Lord to the “origin of salvation” that they convince themselves and others that the way of salvation is not confined to His Mystical body.

In any case, Francis is not content simply to speak only of the baptized; rather, he suggests that all men are destined for the same end as he cites, “the common origin and the common destiny of humanity.”

Do unrepentant sinners, martyrs and saints share in a common destiny?

Certainly not!

That said, in order to truly understand the mind of Francis and the Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man that he professes with candor, we must remain mindful of the fact that those who dwell in the Church of Man are not preoccupied with the salvation of souls; that is a Catholic concern that they no longer share.

You see, the One-World Religion of Apostate Rome views salvation as a given; as such, it is preoccupied with mere temporal concerns.

Let us listen once more to Francis:

The Council, with the Declaration Nostra Aetate, has indicated the way: “yes” to rediscovering Christianity’s Jewish roots; “no” to every form of anti-Semitism and blame for every wrong, discrimination and persecution deriving from it. Knowledge, respect and esteem for one another are the way. Indeed, if this applies in a particular way to relations with Jews, it likewise applies to relationships with other religions as well.

Alas, there is so much insight conveyed in even the smallest of words for those who labor to scrutinize all things through a Catholic lens!

Notice that Francis proclaims “knowledge, respect and esteem” for all religions, even those that plainly reject Christ, as the way.

My friends, inadvertently or not, he is stating very plainly what every Catholic worthy of the name has long since recognized – for Apostate Rome, Jesus Christ is no longer the Way that all who wish to come to the Father must follow! He has been unceremoniously replaced by earthbound efforts aimed at glorifying man!

Those who truly believe that Jesus Christ is the Way cannot but withhold their “respect and esteem” from those religions that reject Him!

Once again, I feel compelled to reiterate that the Church of Man is not preoccupied with the mission that Christ gave to His Church. Francis makes this entirely plain when he says:

The dialogue that we need [among all of the world’s religions] cannot but be open and respectful, and thus prove fruitful. Mutual respect is the condition and, at the same time, the aim of interreligious dialogue: respecting others’ right to life, to physical integrity, to fundamental freedoms, namely freedom of conscience, of thought, of expression and of religion.

What is the aim?

It certainly isn’t the salvation of souls; it is neither the attainment of Truth nor Life, but simply human “respect” ordered upon a false “right” to “freedom of conscience, of thought, of expression and of religion.”

Continuing, Pope Francis expounds upon the earthbound mission of the Church of Man in some detail, saying:

The world, looking to us believers, exhorts us to cooperate amongst ourselves and with the men and women of good will who profess no religion, asking us for effective responses regarding numerous issues: peace, hunger, the poverty that afflicts millions of people, the environmental crisis, violence, especially that committed in the name of religion, corruption, moral decay, the crisis of the family, of the economy, of finance, and especially of hope.

For Francis, “believers” are not only Christians, but Jews and Muslims, as well as others who claim just any sort of “religion.” This much is made clear as he continued:

We believers have no recipe for these problems, but we have one great resource: prayer. We believers pray. We must pray. Prayer is our treasure, from which we draw according to our respective traditions, to request the gifts that humanity longs for.

Be not fooled by the call to prayer!

As the abomination that took place in the Vatican gardens in June of 2014 at Francis’ behest makes plain, all prayer is not righteous. (For those who may have forgotten, a Muslim cleric chanted a prayer from the Qur’an calling on Allah to grant victory over the infidels.)

On the one hand, one may be moved to anger at these words.

How can this man, adored throughout much of the world as the “People’s Pope,” declare that the Church has “no recipe” for the world’s problems?

It’s an outrage!

On the other hand, it must be said that Francis is being perfectly honest, and refreshingly so, if only we are willing to listen.

He is telling us what he believes. He is reciting, not the faith of the Church, but rather the Conciliar Creed of the Church of Man. Furthermore, he is telling us the truth – the church that he wishes to build over and against the Church of Christ has no cure for the human condition!

The most Francis can offer, therefore, is an invitation to join him in focusing on man, his supposed “dignity” and his “rights;” making of man an idol, and his temporal condition the overriding concern of one’s life.

It is an invitation quite unlike that of Saint Peter (and his faithful successors) who exhorted the Lord’s enemies:

Do penance: and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins. And you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38).

With every passing day, it seems, it is becoming more and more difficult for men of good will and moderate intelligence to deny that Rome has indeed fallen into apostasy, and the leader of the pack at this moment is Francis.

In conclusion, I offer a prediction based upon the following words spoken by Francis during his audience:

There have been so many events, initiatives, institutional or personal relationships with the non-Christian religions in these last 50 years, that it is difficult to recall them all. A particularly meaningful event was the meeting in Assisi on 27 October 1986. It was willed and sponsored by St John Paul II … The flame, lit in Assisi, has spread throughout the world and is a permanent sign of hope.

Before I get to the obvious, notice how the flame of the Holy Ghost that came upon the Church at Pentecost, the true and inextinguishable sign of “hope” for mankind as imparted at Baptism, has been corrupted in service to the One-World Religion of Apostate Rome.

It is deceptive and disgusting.

Now, for the prediction…

There can be no doubt that Francis will soon announce his intentions to convene Assisi IV, and the abominations that one might expect to take place there will be nothing short of stunning.

While some may see this as bad news, I tend to see it as good news in that it will be yet another occasion for all to witness the solitary blessing that this disastrous pontificate has to offer; namely, incontrovertible evidence attesting to both the magnitude of the crisis in the Church of today, and the undeniable fact that among men there is no greater danger to souls walking the earth at this moment than one Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

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