Slings and Arrows

Over the past several months, I’ve received countless emails from readers from all over the world expressing gratitude for the commentary offered here.  Many said, “Be prepared; you will be attacked!”

I knew the moment I started down this road that there would be a price to pay; e.g., fewer book sales to parishes, far fewer speaking opportunities, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I need these sources of income, but let the slings and arrows fly. Serving Christ the King (which I pray daily that I am) always involves some kind of Cross.

This week alone (more specifically, Monday alone), I was contacted by two high-profile supporters of the Harvesting the Fruit faith formation series, both asking (one kindly, one not so much) that their names and endorsements be removed from this site. I get it. “Boat rockers” will be given no voice in the diocesan world, even when higher-ups agree with what you’re saying.

Several kind readers have recently written to encourage me to accept donations. I’ve always had, albeit buried in the site, a way for people to help keep this apostolate going, but rather than a flat out donation, I’ve been offering free audio CD’s in return for donations of any size (or none if someone just wants a CD and cannot afford to donate. Seriously.)

Given Monday’s events, I’ve decided to place an “ad” on the right sidebar (full size image below) that invites readers to obtain a CD entitled, “My Father in the Mirror.” In it, over a little less than one hour, I tell the truly amazing story of God’s goodness in reaching out to save this cocky Italian American kid who, after a pretty rough upbringing, walked away from His Church and stayed away for more than a decade and a half.

If not for the encouragement of a wonderful spiritual director, I never would have made this recording, but as he said, it isn’t really about me as much as it is about our Blessed Lord and His Immaculate Mother. With that in mind I have to admit, it really is an amazing story that will elicit both tears and prayers of gratitude alike.

Thanks in advance for considering it.




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