Slings and Arrows: A follow-up

Not even an hour after I posted Slings and Arrows yesterday about endorsers wishing to withdraw their names from this site, I received an email of the same nature by yet another very highly regarded supporter.

Isn’t it amazing how in the scope of just three days I’ve fielded three such entreaties? It’s almost as if some well known “professional Catholic” has taken to slithering through their contact list, agitating every notable figure who ever endorsed this apostolate, urging them to cut bait before their own good names get sullied.

Nah… can’t be. I don’t know anyone that pathetic.

At any rate, I’ve decided to make it easy for all concerned. Unless I’ve inadvertently overlooked someone, I have removed from this site every last endorsement I’ve ever received; every writer, theologian, priest, bishop and cardinal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I remain sincerely grateful for each and every one, but the Church is in crisis; neither I nor the genuinely kind individuals who have supported me over the years need any more distractions than we already have.

Everything I do here, and I am certain that it is not without blemish, is ordered toward serving the Lord by defending His Church and the treasury of the faith entrusted to her. It is not about pleasing even the most highly placed or influential supporter, regardless of my esteem. This work will one day be examined in the pure light of Him who is Truth and Justice and Mercy. He alone is my concern.

Now, with this distraction removed, we can move on to more important conversations. Thanks for bearing with me!

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