Preliminary thoughts on the Scalfari interview

Reading the pope’s comments in his interview with Eugenio Scalfari is enough to make a more innocent person wonder if it is not perhaps a hoax. It’s as if the man speaking in Francis’ name is not even Catholic much less the pope.

I write this with a very heavy heart and in all sincerity.

The unfortunate truth, far too unsavory a reality for many to admit, is that the current pope is the long awaited generalissimo of the humanist revolution that was unleashed in earnest in 1958.

The infantrymen of the revolt, the modernists who were in the previous century consigned to operating clandestinely, were set free to move about in the light of day the moment Angelo Roncalli assumed the throne of St. Peter.

After decades of war planning, the rebels were by far the more prepared of those who took to the battlefield known as Vatican Council II, masterfully outwitting the Miles Rex (the faithful Soldiers of Christ the King), sealing in the conciliar text the terms of their bloodless takeover.

With the coupe de tat thus brought to completion, the more unwieldy task of instituting the new ecclesial constitution fell to Giovanni Battista Montini, on whose watch the unsuspecting faithful were plunged headlong into the reality of a supposed new springtime, its harbingers ruthlessly determined to dispense with the Church of the Saints once and for all.

The papacy of Paul VI was akin to the dirty work of governing over a conquered nation upon which the occupiers were charged with enforcing a new culture against the wishes of the occupied. To be sure, he carried it out with remarkable aplomb save for the protection of the Holy Ghost that led to the promulgation of Humanae Vitae.

At the death of Paul VI in 1978, with the faithful as yet still reeling, Karol Wojtyla ascended to the throne, inaugurating a lengthy reign that, though innovative in its own right, was largely dedicated to the illusion of anointing with Catholic chrism the humanist new order under the guise of “conservatism.”

It was on his watch that the new church of man was sufficiently Catholicized in appearance as to establish a new baseline for “orthodoxy” in the minds of those who might otherwise mourn the Church of Christ the King.

For the most enlightened proponents of the rebel cause, the greatest disappointment of this papacy was John Paul II’s inability to configure the College of Cardinals is such way as to assure the selection of a suitable successor.

This opened the way for Josef Cardinal Ratzinger to ascend to the throne, a man who seemed to possess at once an awareness of the gravity of all that had transpired, and yet an ecumenist who was ever determined to glorify the inglorious Council. Pope Benedict XVI will go down in history as the pope whose love of liturgy brought him close to restoring the Church to order, but a man too weak to combat the occupiers head-on, ultimately waving the white flag of surrender in the form of an abdication.

A gentle and trusting soul by nature, Benedict lacked the cunning to stack the cardinalatial deck for a restorationist conclave, and so with rebel blood surging through its collective veins, the Cardinal Electors who assembled to choose his successor quickly decided upon Jorge Bergoglio.

At this, the generalissimo of the revolution has finally arrived.

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