PHANTOM of a VIRUS: Help us, Lord, so we can get it right!

The Phantom of the Opera weighs in on COVID-19…

Phantom of a Virus

China Virus invades our sovereign nation
Leftists blame the Trump Administration
The media presented Communist defenses

Phony experts claimed it’s highly lethal
Birx and Fauci terrified the people
The models so they said, show at least a million dead
They pad the numbers still they come up light
And now it’s clear that they were far from right

Close your mind and surrender to the CDC
Say goodbye to the life you knew before
Get in line at your local grocery store
Hope and pray they’ll unlock the church’s door!

Dreaming, scheming, Globalists despise you
Turn your back and they will brutalize you
Open up your eyes, and you’re sure to realize
The scam at hand is plain as black and white
Our enemies are hiding in plain sight

Set your mind on a journey from this strange, new world!
Let’s return to the one we knew before!
Stuck at home is not where we want to be!
It’s enough, now it’s time to set us free.

Social distance, dreadful mitigation!
Gloving, masking, shove your sanitation!
Democrats give in, creepy Biden cannot win,
His dementia won’t allow a proper fight
Concede it now or on election night!

Truth alone can make the soul take flight,
Help us Lord, so we can get it right.


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