“Why do you persecute me?”

Pope Francis Attends Mass For The Possession Of Saint Paul BasilicaA couple of thoughts and predictions, mostly relative to the Extraordinary Synod…


There has been a lot of talk about “gradualism” over the last two weeks, and in the lead up to next year’s Synod we’re going to see how it really works:

Several weeks ago I wrote, “One might see in all of this the Hegelian Dialectic in action: Kasper has provided the thesis, the outrage that followed serves as the antithesis; now all that remains is for the Synod to deliver the synthesis.”

Strike that. I obviously underestimated the Bergoglian faction’s cunning.

In spite of what the final Relatio says, the Relatio Post Disceptationem (the Extraordinary Synod’s Midterm Report) has effectively become the new thesis, and as next year’s Ordinary Synod approaches the points of view of many bishops will gradually move in its direction; toward something that looks quite a bit like the former thesis turned synthesis.

Bergoglian Retribution

Pope Francis will close the Extraordinary Synod by extending words of deep gratitude to the bishops for their hard work and openness to frank dialogue. He may perhaps even make a little joke and flash a “humble” grin, but make no mistake; this is no laughing matter, neither for the pope nor for those men who stood up in opposition to his agenda of “mercy.”

Watch for the Bergoglian Retribution to unfold over the next year as his foes (read: defenders of the Catholic faith no matter how lukewarm) are duly compensated for their offense.

How he does this may not be public nor immediately obvious, and while his retributive injustice may not include every last name on his hit list, rest assured he will make examples of enough of them that the others will get the message.

The Final Relatio

The destructive power of the Relatio Post Disceptationem will immediately be felt as the final Relatio is published and evaluated.

For my part, I intend to read it as I try to read all things; namely, through the lens of our Catholic faith.

Others, however, will undoubtedly, even if unconsciously, read it through the lens of the Midterm Report, and will thus fail to give due note to those portions of the document that signal the bishops’ collective willingness to accept the false notion that one can separate doctrine from discipline and still remain faithful to Our Lord and the mission of the Church.

This is exactly what I expect of the final Relatio; a pathetic mishmash of qualified statements, contradictions, along with a healthy dose of pseudosacral homopoetic prose that only the Relatio Post Disceptationem could make look acceptable.

Son of the Church

Over the next couple of weeks I fully expect at least one papal defender in the neo-Catholic media to remind us, “Pope Francis said he’s a son of the Church.”


Over the first six months of Francis’ papacy, we were bombarded with a near endless stream of stories courtesy of the media, both secular and Catholic, highlighting the unprecedented humility of the current pope.

It was clear to me then, and is even more obvious now, that the Vatican PR machine was engaged in a program of propaganda (otherwise known as “humbleganda”) that makes Pravda under Nikita Khrushchev look like a bunch of rank amateurs.

In spite of all of the manufactured tales and pre-arranged photo-ops that purported to give the world an “inside look” at the Argentinian man-about-the-barrios-dutifully-come-to-Rome, I think it’s safe to say that we are currently living under what is perhaps the least humble and most self-centered, narcissistic, micro-managing pontificate the Church has witnessed in several centuries.

Why do you persecute me?   

There can be no question whatsoever at this point, at least in the minds of men of good will, that the primary instigator and Generalissimo of the internal assault against our Holy Catholic Faith, not just as it concerns the proceedings of the last two weeks in Rome, but in general, is none other than the pope.

Let’s not mince words as to what this assault entails; it is nothing less reprehensible than the scourging of the Body of Christ.

As such, the words that Our Blessed Lord spoke to Saul seem to apply quite aptly to the current Bishop of Rome, “Jorge, Jorge, why do you persecute me?”

One wonders just how much more damage (and he has already done plenty) Pope Francis will do before the terrible chastisement that is his pontificate mercifully comes to an end.

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