Patron “Saint” of the Catholic Homo-clerical Crisis

Paul VI iconIn preparation for that glorious day in October when the Conciliar Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to the Revolution will be bestowed upon Pope Paul the Pathetic, the Vatican PR machine recently spit out a puff piece extolling his… ahem… heroic virtues.

The Roman spin masters are obviously attempting to gin up excitement for the event among the undernourished masses, but in so doing they inadvertently managed to provide the faithful (those with a handful of Catholic brain cells left, that is) with precisely the reason why Montini is deserving of nothing short of the severest condemnation.

The headline to the article, published by Vatican News, says it all:

Pope Paul VI who died 40 years ago underscored the centrality of man

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Before the Almighty Council decided that “all things on earth should be related to man as their center and crown” (GS 12), canonization was reserved to those men and women who carried out the duties proper to their particular state in life by heroically underscoring the centrality of Christ.

Today, it’s all about man.

If nothing else can be said for it, the article does at least contain a number of important truths.

His [Paul VI’s] postulator or promoter for canonization, Redemptorist Father Antonio Marrazzo, spoke to Vatican News saying Paul VI gave a new direction to the Church’s journey on earth…

The priest noted that 40 years after his death the Church continues to take a different path as indicated by the Second Vatican Council and taught by Paul VI, which consists is putting man at the center…

Fr. Marrazzo said that Paul VI was elected to carry forward the Second Vatican Council and guide it with a steady hand to make a “Samaritan” Church, the “handmaid of humanity” that is more inclined to “messages of trust” than “foreboding omens”.

Foreboding omens… Can anyone guess what that’s all about? [HINT: Three shepherd children, an apparition, a magnificent miracle…]

These people aren’t even trying to pretend that their program is anything other than a slap in the faces of Our Lord and Our Lady!

Of course, no homage to Montini would be complete without mentioning his “crowning achievement.”

Pope Paul’s landmark encyclical “Humanae Vitae”, fifty years ago, the postulator said, affirmed the intimate union between conjugal love and openness to life.

Marrazzo failed to mention that the most impactful aspect of the document concerned the fact that it cemented in the minds of moderns the false notion that sexual pleasure (again, it’s all about man) is the primary end of marriage.

In any event, that Paul VI dedicated his entire pontificate to the cult of man isn’t exactly news to readers of this space. What some may not have considered is the degree to which his focus on the “centrality of man” (which, let us not forget, was really just a matter of implementing the Council) contributed to the present clerical homo-predator crisis.

Think about it…

Since the McCarrick story broke, a parade of bishops and cardinals have fired up their own PR machines to churn out statements expressing just how shocked and sorrowful they are about the situation. In every single statement of this nature that I’ve read, the focus is on … wait for it … wait for it … man.

The buzz phrases common to practically every one include such things as:

Feelings of betrayal, disappointment, anger… Protection of Children and Young People… Sexual abuse… Abuse of power… Support for the survivors…  New policies and procedures…

Go ahead; scour the internet for statements from the bishops and what you will find are a bunch of Press Releases that are exactly of the kind that one might expect of a major corporation that has been rocked by a “Me Too” scandal.

Sure, there is religious verbiage to be found in the bishops’ statements, but these guys are in the religion business; of course they use such language – it’s called marketing – and make no mistake about it, folks – the flagship product in the case of the conciliar church is the religion-of-man.

What you will not find, at least in my experience thus far, is the word homosexuality – one of only four sins that Sacred Scripture identifies as crying out to heaven for vengeance. In other words, homosexual acts – all of them – are especially abominable in the eyes of God.

So, why is there no outrage being expressed by the bishops in light of this fact; on God’s behalf?

Well, in addition to the undeniable likelihood that a staggering number of these men are as gay as the day is long, the bigger problem – indeed, the root problem – is that the conciliar church has been laboring for decades now to “put man at the center” – doctrinally, morally, and liturgically.

That is why the only thing that the bishops seem concerned about is how unsolicited homo-deviant acts are an offense against the victim. That acts of this nature are always and everywhere an offense against Almighty God – whether uninvited or welcome – is, by all indications, of little or no concern to these guys.

As such, as I’ve written in this space before, those who imagine that the McCarrick scandal is going to spark a renewal in the Church as the laity band together to demand that the collared queers and their mitred sugar daddies are expelled, are kidding themselves.

The disease runs much deeper than sodomites behaving badly, and it’s the same that gave rise to the Bergolgian twist on the death penalty – the deification of man apart from God.

With all of this in mind, it is only right that Paul VI receive, not only the Conciliar Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to the Revolution, but also the unique dishonor of being considered the Patron “Saint” of the Catholic Homo-clerical Crisis.

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