Our Lady of Guadalupe: Calling all “Messenger Eagles”

OLG EyesIn honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe on her Feast Day, below I am posting a video of a talk that I was privileged to give last year at a conference hosted by Fr. Gruner and the Fatima Center.

Most so-called “traditionalists” – aka Catholics – that I know are far more familiar with the appearance of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima than her appearance under the title of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and yet, there are a great many points wherein the two apparitions intersect; one shedding light on the other, with each one being a message for our time.

In this presentation, I will talk a little bit about a film project that I was blessed to have a very small hand in – a magnificent feature length documentary telling the complete story of Our Lady of Guadalupe entitled The Blood & The Rose.  (Directed by Tim Watkins, Exec. Producer – Steve McEveety, Voice Over by Eduardo Verástegui).

I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Those who view it will be blown away at the expansiveness of this story. It literally begins at the foot of the Cross and is woven across the centuries even to the present day. It also touches on the Islamic menace in a very timely way.

You can click the image above, or at the end of this post, to learn more about the film and to order a copy if you so choose. If you do, you won’t be disappointed.

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