Here come the Contact Tracers

Contact Tracer

Here come the Contact Tracers. Who are they? According to Dr. Robert Levin, Health Director for Ventura County in California, they will be an army of people hired, trained and compensated by the government to identify “people who have COVID-19,” at which point the authorities “will isolate every one of them;” i.e., forced quarantine.

That’s just the beginning. Levin goes on, “We will find every one of their contacts and we will make sure that they stay quarantined.”

But what if the living conditions for the targeted persons are not conducive (in the State’s estimation) to quarantine in the home; i.e., no extra private bathroom, small quarters for multiple people, etc?

“We’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available,” Levin said.

Does this sound like incarceration? It should.

Levin said that his is just one of many counties in his state, and perhaps all states, that are launching similar programs. A simple online job search suggests that there are perhaps thousands of Contact Tracer job openings in the U.S.

Apple and Google have embarked on a joint effort to provide technology for Contact Tracing, Johns Hopkins is all in with the effort, and the ACLU (which is on the wrong side of damned near everything but has at times taken a stand on behalf of authentic personal privacy rights) is on board having drafted principals for the new initiative.

Bottom line, barring a swift and effective response aimed at stopping this madness, the Contact Tracers are coming to a family near you, maybe even your own.

Think all of this sounds bad? Once Contact Tracing begins, it’s all but certain to get worse.

According to CDC standards, when a person dies, if the patient presented with a simple cough and had also been in contact with someone merely suspected of having COVID-19 in the previous 14 days, that person can safely be counted as a “probable COVID-19 death” (and thus added to the official total of CV19 deaths), and this without ever having been tested. [i]

Is there any good reason to believe that the Contact Tracing program won’t adopt this same criteria for identifying people who pose a COVID-19 risk and then imposing its draconian quarantine measures upon them?

In other words, it’s more than reasonable to foresee that simply being in contact with a person merely suspected of having COVID-19 will be enough to land one, and all of one’s family members, and all of one’s contacts under a State imposed quarantine. No one has to die from COVID-19, no one has to be tested for the virus; in fact, no one even needs to have ever contracted it at all in order for countless persons to be forcibly placed in exile.

Based on this criteria, there won’t be enough “official” Contact Tracers on hand to do the job. What then?

In addition to the efforts of official tracers, we can likely expect the government to encourage ordinary citizens to report their friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. This is already happening in many places where violators of “social distancing” ordinances are being turned in.

The government may even begin offering Contact Tracer rewards to snitches. Just imagine the level of distrust and paranoia this would inject into otherwise peaceful settings. What a wonderful scenario for the forces of evil, who have already demonstrated their mastery of “divide and conquer” as a strategy for promoting their agenda.

If things should unfold in this manner – and I maintain that it appears highly likely that they will, if not nationally, in many locations – there simply won’t be enough room to incarcerate every person labeled as a contact risk and whose home isn’t conducive to quarantine. What then?

Selective targeting.

This means that we can expect those who are considered friends of the ruling regime (most likely a list including registered Democrats, socialists, homos, pro-abortionists, fans of euthanasia, open borders advocates, global warming enthusiasts, etc.) will be overlooked while conservative thinking, life affirming, religious minded citizens are rounded up with abandon.

Don’t think it can happen in good ol’ God Bless America?

Poke around online for 15 minutes and you can find plenty of footage of overzealous uniformed morons arresting and harassing law abiding citizens for daring to breathe fresh air. Go ahead, make an afternoon of it. In the meantime, here’s one that I was able to find after searching YouTube for all of 45 seconds.

Take it to the bank, folks, we will rue the day when Contact Tracing became a reality.

[I] Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Guidelines adopted by Centers for Disease Control

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