Go ye therefore and call a synod

Pope Francis has called for a Synod on the Family and Evangelization, the Preparatory Document for which concludes with a series of questions that Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, Secretary General of the Synod, has asked the world’s bishops to distribute “as widely as possible” to ensure input from “local sources,” presumably including parishes, other groups and even individual Catholics.

This is how the “synodal” Church in the age of the “New Evangelization” rolls. It is a case study in progressive bureaucraticism wherein a brain trust of elites compile mountains of research as they frenetically prepare for the conference report that will inform the outline for the agenda which will guide the assembly that will ultimately decide to reconvene for further discussion after the establishment of yet another Godforsaken commission.

Dissenters, of course, are ecstatic about the survey. Lifesite News, for example, is reporting, “The American homosexualist group New Ways Ministry, issued a statement calling the questionnaire ‘a great chance to hear the voice of the Spirit working in the church.’”

Even so, if the preparatory phase for the Second Vatican Council is any indication, it’s all a dog and pony show as in the end the bureaucrats will do whatever damn well pleases them anyway.

For example, if the overwhelming majority of respondents implore the Synod to address homosexual activity as an objective moral evil, and same sex attraction itself as psychological disorder, it is just as likely to be ignored as were the numerous requests, coming from countless bishops all over the world, calling on the Council to condemn communism.

About a year ago, in the aftermath of the last Synod of Bishops, I wrote:

We’ve become the Church of Martha, Martha — feminized, frenzied and busy about many things; a Church that is all-too-frequently distracted from the only mission that really matters; converting the world to Christ who didn’t lay down His life to establish a think tank.

All indications are it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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