Giving credit when due

As Mike pointed out in the comment section of the previous post, Catholic News Agency was the source of the mistranslation of the pope’s words concerning the pregnant woman that he mentioned during his in-flight press conference.

The text read:

I met a woman some months ago in a parish who was pregnant with her eighth child, who had had seven C-sections…

I was able to get in touch with the director of CNA, Alejandro Bermúdez, who has always treated me kindly even after they decided to stop publishing my columns, and he’s had the necessary corrections made. The transcript now reads:

I reproached a woman some months ago in a parish because she was pregnant with her eighth child, after having had seven C-sections…

There’s no telling how often that initial text has been quoted up to this point, but hopefully those who relied on it as evidence that the pope didn’t treat the woman as harshly as the actual quote indicates will become aware of the revision and adjust their own commentary accordingly.

In any case, the correction has been made. So, let’s give credit where credit is due.

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