Crisis in the Church: The hierarchy responds

I’d like to share with readers just a handful of comments taken from recent emails that I’ve received from members of the sacred hierarchy (priests or bishops), each of whom are in full communion with the Church; serving in a parishes or diocese, in the present case, somewhere in the U.S. or Europe (making anonymity necessary).

– You write and say what we priests can’t!

– Your reference to Pope Francis in his remarks to Muslims reflects the ongoing attitude of post-conciliar Popes which I think only serves to undermine the Church’s true sense of mission.

– In recent years I have come to see that the source of so much of what has befallen us in these times is rooted in a break with the traditional understanding of the role of the Church in society. I think you have pinpointed the true difficulties affecting the Church with great clarity.

– The teaching of Pope Francis in the latest interview is freemasonic doctrine … a scandal to protestants … to reject proselytism, just proves the Catholic Church is false, in their view.

– The Novus Ordo is an anthropocentric and narcissistic approach to worship … developed by a select group with a clear agenda … I feel almost fraudulent by continuing to celebrate it.

– It is brave of you to point out that [a flawed understanding] of the Church and her role in the world goes right to the very top. As long as this failed strategy endures there will be no new evangelization.

And finally a comment from a consecrated religious:

– Thank you for your recent article on Pope Francis – finally someone is openly, and charitably, saying the truth about him; he is a modernist.

My purpose for posting these comments is twofold:

The first is to share the kind encouragement that these men freely offered to me, so that you too might take heart in knowing that there are indeed members of the sacred hierarchy who see the current situation for what it is.

Secondly, I also want to invite other members of the sacred hierarchy to consider submitting commentary that can be shared with readers going forward, anonymously, of course.

I think it’s important for the growing number of laity, who with every passing day are becoming ever more aware of the dangers that lie ahead, to hear from priests and bishops who also recognize the gravity of the current situation, and who are committed to feeding the Lord’s sheep with the truth even when the men who occupy the highest places in the Church are not.

Any clerics willing to offer their commentary, either in support of the views expressed here, or even if in defense of the things that I find so deplorable (like the contents of Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga’s recent speech), please send your thoughts to me at the address below, assured of complete anonymity.

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