Annual Newsletter: Canadians for Faith and Family

FatimaNewsLetter AdBy: Cornelia Ferreira

[NOTE: Below is the Annual Newsletter of Canadians for Faith & Family. Please note; its contents are of benefit to all, not just Canadians! All of us owe Mrs. Ferreira a debt of gratitude, not only for this Newsletter, but for her contributions throughout the year and indeed over the course of many years. As such, please make good use of the order form at the end of the letter. – Louie]

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Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_01Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_02Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_03Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_04Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_05Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_06Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_07Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_08Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_09Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_10Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_11Newsletter, Vol. XX1X, Fall 2017_Page_12

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