A word about comments

Apparently, a brief word about comments is necessary based on some of the private messages I’ve been receiving. First, a few reminders:

  • First and foremost, stay on topic.
  • Keep comments brief. I genuinely appreciate the thoughtfulness and depth of research provided by our commenters. That said, the comment section isn’t the place for essays. If you can’t make the point in a paragraph or so, a link to your own blog is the way to go.
  • About links; putting more than one link in any given post will probably result in it being filtered (automatically) by the spam filter.

Lastly, as I’ve said many more times than I can count, I’m not interested in policing the combox and don’t have the luxury of time for that anyway.

From time to time I get messages calling my attention to things in the comment section that really do need my attention and I appreciate it. I also get messages from commenters who are just weary of other commenters; sometimes urging me to censure them, other times urging me just to remove the comment section altogether.

I appreciate the passion, folks, but if a certain commenter is causing you distress, unless that person is blatantly abusing the very few rules I’ve put in place, ignore them. The comment section here is a lot like the Church in general; we should expect some disagreement, and even the presence of persons we find irritating. If it was any other way, it would be useless.

All in all, I think we have as informative and lively a comment section as any Catholic blog, and for that, I want to thank all of you.

Blessed month of May to all. Our Lady of Fatima – ora pro nobis!

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