A request from Fr. Michael Rodriguez

Fr. Michael RodriguezOver the last few weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of communicating with Fr. Michael Rodriguez via both email and telephone.

I let him know that a number of you have mentioned him in your comments, wondering how he is doing.

Well, I can report that all in all, he is doing well, and I am certain that he would appreciate your continued prayers.

Two more things:

First, Fr. Rodriguez recently wrote:

I would like to find the EXACT source for some quotations. Perhaps you or one of the readers of your blog have better “references for Tradition” at your fingertips.

The three quotes below are found in different places on the internet, but I would like to know the EXACT reference / source for each of them. Do you happen to know? Are you able to find out?

“Teach nothing new, but implant in the hearts of everyone those things which the fathers of venerable memory taught with a uniform preaching … Whence, we preach nothing except what we have received from our forefathers. In all things, therefore, both in the rule of faith in the observance of discipline, let the pattern of antiquity be observed.” – Pope St. Leo the Great

“It behooves us unanimously and inviolably to observe the ecclesiastical traditions, whether codified or simply retained by the customary practice of the Church.” – St. Peter Canisius

“The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but men of tradition.” – Pope St. Pius X

If anyone can provide the exact reference for these quotes, please leave it in the combox and I’ll pass it along.

Secondly, please forgive me for being coy here; I assure you, it’s deliberate:

In the next couple of weeks, Fr. Rodriguez and I will have some exciting news to share. (No, not about contributing to the blog.)

Stay tuned…

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