Thanks and an important disclaimer

disclaimer1Thank you for welcoming Fr. José Miguel Marqués Campo as a contributor to the blog.

His presence here will be a great blessing for all of us, Father included, I am certain, as this space (all glory and honor to God) has become a retreat of sorts for passionate and sincere Catholics to share their love for the true faith. While we don’t always agree with one another, this we have in common.

At this, please take note of the following:

The simple fact that Fr. Marqués Campo is contributing to this blog DOES NOT constitute his endorsement of everything that I have posted here in the past, or will post in the future (or vice versa, for that matter).

This is very important to state for reasons that should be obvious. I am able to speak with a degree of candor that would invite the retribution of my bishop if I were a priest. (As it is, my bishop hasn’t exactly ignored my activity, simple layman that I am, but the time to speak of this in public hasn’t yet arrived.)

In time, I may invite other faithful, traditional priests to join us, and apart from this “disclaimer,” their acceptance is unlikely and perhaps even ill-advised.

Secondly, the decision to invite Fr. Marqués Campo to come on board was all mine, his decision to accept was all his.

By all means, read his posts, discuss and debate their content with the hallmark vigor that has come to define the combox here, be blessed by what he has to offer, etc., but let me be very clear about this:

Father isn’t here to be interrogated about his qualifications, his ministry, or anything else of that nature. If you wish to inquire as to Father’s background any more deeply than what is stated in the bio that accompanied his introduction, look him up online and shoot him an email; i.e., it isn’t going to happen here.

Lastly, as you know, I don’t often respond to comments in the combox, even though I read them all, for the simple reason that I don’t have time. I just know that if I let the combox become a sort of message board for me, I’d lose entire days and weeks.

While Fr. Marqués Campo is free to do otherwise, please don’t be surprised if he too is unable to engage in back-and-forth in the combox. I talk about being busy, but I am certain that his obligations are far more substantial.

Thanks again for your warm welcome of Fr. Marqués Campo, and for taking the time to visit this space, whether you comment or not. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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