You fill up my senses

Today at lunchtime I was able to head into downtown Baltimore to St. Alphonsus for Confession and the Traditional Mass.

On the way down I-83, I was praying and thinking about how fortunate I was to have this tremendous midweek blessing, thanking the Lord for the opportunity to have my senses filled with His divine presence and to draw closer to Him in this way…

And then, out of nowhere, the old John Denver hit “Annie’s Song” came to mind. Strange. I haven’t heard that song in twenty years or more and could barely remember even a small portion of the words beyond “You fill up my senses…”

Well, having an iPhone, I had my moody little electronic assistant, Siri, search for it online and I was able to play the song via YouTube and listen to it as I drove.

I have to admit, it kinda blew me away.

Let me die in Your arms… Wow.



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