WARNING: Vaccines Today, Hormone Blockers Tomorrow

Does this child have the same capacity as an adult to consent to vaccination? The well-groomed State Senator from Maryland, Cheryl Kagan (far left), thinks so.

On February 1, 2023, the Public Health – Vaccinations – Minor Consent Bill (SB 378) was introduced in the Maryland legislature by Senator Cheryl Kagan. 

Kagan’s bill proposes to amend the Annotated Code of Maryland to state:

…a minor at least 14 years old has the same capacity as an adult to consent to vaccination.

At least 14 years old… Why fourteen? Why not twelve, or ten, or nine? 

Why indeed! The bill further proposes:

A minor under the age of 14 years, including a minor who is developmentally disabled or unemancipated, has the capacity to consent to vaccination if: 

(1) in the opinion of the health care provider, the minor is of sufficient intelligence to understand and appreciate the need for, nature of, and the significant risks and consequences of the vaccination; and 

(2) the minor is able to give informed consent. 

To be clear, the Maryland State Health Department defines a developmental disability as:

A physical or mental impairment that is likely to continue indefinitely, resulting in an inability to live independently without external support or continuing and regular assistance.

If passed, SB 378 would open the door for a mentally impaired 9-year-old child, or younger, to consent to a vaccination provided only that a “health care provider” (e.g., a sadistic, line dancing, school nurse suffering from post-COVID I’m-a-Hero Syndrome) is able to convince the impressionable child that it’s necessary. 

This must mean that this same child has the capacity to refuse vaccines that a parent or guardian insists upon, right? 

Don’t be naïve, of course not:

The capacity of a minor to consent to vaccination under this section does not include the capacity to refuse vaccination for which a parent or guardian has given consent.

Well, at least Kagan’s bill recognizes that parents’ rights are sacrosanct!

Wrong again:

If a health care provider vaccinates a minor in accordance with this section and without consent or knowledge of the minor’s parent or guardian, the minor’s medical or billing records may not be released or made available to the minor’s parent or guardian in any manner, without the minor’s consent. 

While COVID is not specifically mentioned in the bill, the experimental COVID mRNA gene therapy injections (deceptively dubbed “vaccinations”), boosters included, one might presume that it is the impetus for SB 378. 

At the same time, one can be certain that COVID goes unmentioned because SB 378 is forward looking, toward the next plandemic and whatever “safe and effective” serum Big Pharma happens to concoct, at warp speed, to address it. 

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg.

If passed into law, a precedent will have been established recognizing minors of practically any age – even the mentally impaired – as having the same “capacity as an adult to consent” to pharmaceutical interventions. As for where this will lead, one immediately thinks of contraception / abortifacients. 

“I like talking to kids about government and civics.” For example, LGBT issues?

This is horrifying enough, but a glance at Cheryl Kagan’s track record reveals what may very well be her primary motivation.

In 2018, Kagan sponsored SB 1028: “Health Occupations – Conversion Therapy for Minors – Prohibition (Youth Mental Health Protection Act),” the aim of which is summarized as follows:

Prohibiting certain mental health or child care practitioners from engaging in conversion therapy with individuals who are minors; providing that a certain mental health or child care practitioner who engages in conversion therapy with a minor shall be considered to have engaged in unprofessional conduct subject to disciplinary action; defining “conversion therapy” as a practice or treatment by a mental health or child care practitioner that seeks to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity; etc. 

This 2018  bill, which has since been signed into law, is constructed upon the blatant falsehood:

WHEREAS, Contemporary science recognizes that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) is part of the natural spectrum of human identity and is not a disease, a disorder, or an illness.

With this in mind, one may reasonably wonder if Kagan’s current “Public Health – Vaccinations – Minor Consent Bill” is deliberately intended to create the slippery slope that will one day allow abused, gender confused, and manipulated children to consent to hormone treatments, the effects of which can last a lifetime, without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.  

In any case, one thing is absolutely certain, Maryland SB 378 is diabolical and it must be defeated. Those interested in making their voices heard may reach the Dishonorable Cheryl C. Kagan in the following ways:

Miller Senate Office Building, 2 West Wing

11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 841-3134, (301) 858-3134

1-800-492-7122, ext. 3134 (toll free)

e-mail: cheryl.kagan@senate.state.md.us

fax: (410) 841-3665, (301) 858-3665  

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