Urgent Prayer Request

As I write, my beloved uncle, who has been suffering for the past several years from a parasitic infection that has weakened him significantly, is undergoing a life-saving heart operation. The procedure is complicated and is expected to last upwards of 18 hours. The chances of his survival, realistically speaking, are only about 50/50, but apart from this, his rapid deterioration is all but assured. So please, join me in offering heartfelt prayers of intercession for my Uncle Sam, that his caregivers from coast-to-coast will be successful in restoring him to good health today. Thank you in advance.
UPDATE: Things didn’t go very well. We didn’t realize that slightly more than half of the OR Staff lacked common sense, and a goodly number of them didn’t even have a pulse of their own. The good uncle is on a respirator and in desperate need of a priest for anointing. Keep praying…

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