Synod 2015: The Holy See adopts LGBT language

SynodLast week, the Holy See published the Intrumentum Laboris (“working instrument”) that will guide the upcoming Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family.

Since then, most of the attention it has received seems to concern “how some passages in this document secure a path for the ‘Kasper proposal’ in favor of remarried divorcees to be accepted by the Synod.” (See the excellent treatment posted at Rorate Caeli.)

Especially in light of recent events in Ireland and the United States, wherein so-called “gay marriage” has become the law of the land, the document’s treatment of homosexuality deserves a closer look as well.

Though the topic is given but limited mention, what the Instrumentum does say, although nothing new, is very troubling indeed.

Under the heading, “The pastoral care of the homosexual person,” we find in paragraphs 130-131:

Some families live the experience of having family members with homosexual orientation. In this regard, we questioned what kind of pastoral attention that is appropriate to deal with this situation by referring to what the Church teaches: “There is no basis whatsoever to assimilate or establish analogies, even remote, between homosexual unions and God’s plan for marriage and the family. Nevertheless, men and women with homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect and sensitivity. In their regard should be avoided every sign of unjust discrimination” (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons, 4).

It reiterates that every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, must be respected in their dignity and met with sensitivity and delicacy, both in the Church and in society. It would be desirable that diocesan pastoral plans pay special attention to the accompaniment of families in which homosexual persons live.

One of the reasons the Church is losing this particular battle (other than the unwillingness of churchmen in our day to proclaim the Kingship of Christ) is that even her official organs have adopted the language, and thus the lies, of the very movement it is called to condemn in the hope of converting its adherents.

For instance, in the space of just four sentences, the Instrumentum speaks of “homosexual orientation” and “sexual orientation.”

We’ve heard such phrases tossed about with such regularity that they’re rarely questioned, but the truth is, there is no such thing as a sexual “orientation,” homo or otherwise; rather, there is sexual attraction, sexual behavior, and (as the Instrumentum correctly states) sexual tendencies.

The word “orientation,” in this case, is deceptive, and purposely so.

Don’t take my word for it.

According to the GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Reference Guide – Terms To Avoid:

Offensive: “sexual preference”

Preferred: “sexual orientation” or “orientation”

The term “sexual preference” is typically used to suggest that being lesbian, gay or bisexual is a choice and therefore can and should be “cured.” Sexual orientation is the accurate description of an individual’s enduring physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction to members of the same and/or opposite sex and is inclusive of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, as well as straight men and women.

GLADD isn’t alone. The American Psychiatric Association (APA), having been thoroughly hijacked by the LGBT activists years ago, is even more transparent about the agenda behind the word “orientation,” saying:

The concept of sexual orientation refers to more than sexual behavior. It includes feelings as well as identity.

The agenda is quite obvious: To frame the conversation in terms of identity in order to shift attention away from where it properly belongs, in the realm of behavior (i.e., choices, acts of the will, and most importantly, sinfulness), which just so happens to be precisely where the wisdom of the Church is most needed.

The APA elaborates:

Sexual orientation is a relatively new concept. In fact, although same sex behavior has always existed, the idea of a homosexual identity or a homosexual person is only about 100 years old.

The “idea of a homosexual identity or a homosexual person” didn’t come about as the result of a deeper understanding of previously unknown truths; rather, it grew up as a tactic for promoting the push to “normalize” sexual behavior that is thoroughly abhorrent.

This brings me to the very heading under which the Instrumentum discusses homosexuality, “The pastoral care of the homosexual person.”

There is no such thing, properly speaking, as a “homosexual person;” there are simply human beings, some of whom engage in deviant sexual behavior with other human beings of the same gender.

Look, I have no doubt that there are many people of good will, clergymen included, who unknowingly play into the hands of the LGBT warriors by employing their deliberately deceptive jargon, but is it too much to expect better from the Holy See?

That, unfortunately, is a rhetorical question, as the people currently running the show in Rome have demonstrated rather plainly that it is.

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