Is the Holy Father’s health failing?

Pope healthIn his latest interview, Pope Francis was asked about his health. For those who are praying that he may have a lengthy reign, his answer wasn’t gloomy, but it was less than reassuring.

I do have some aches and pains, and at my age ailments don’t go unnoticed. But I am in God´s hands, up to now I have been able to work steadily.

He doesn’t really look all that well to me. Watching coverage of his trip to Turkey, I thought he looked more drained than ever. A younger man would likely be exhausted from that trip as well, so who knows…

That said, watching (as a form of mortification) the Papal Mass offered at St. Peter’s Basilica for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, however, gives rise to new concerns. In the brief excerpt below, you’ll see and hear that his breathing seems terrible. And for the record, this was just before the Confiteor and well prior to the band banging out their pulse raising version of the Gloria in Creole Latin hoedown style.

(If you’ve not had the… ahem… pleasure of viewing it yet, a clip is available at Catholic Family News. Go, take a look and offer up the suffering for the Holy Souls.)

Now, let me be clear… I’m not praying for the pope’s demise (as some have been quick to accuse in the past).

Truth be known, I pray and fast often for his conversion, and given this most recent indication that his health is not very good, I would urge all concerned to redouble their efforts to do the same.


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