Birx and Fauci

On November 24, the content of the SSPX article reviewed in my previous post (Anthony Fauci: SSPX ghostwriter?) was removed from the Society of St. Pius X website. In it’s place, under the original title (Can a Catholic in Good Conscience Receive a Coronavirus Vaccine?), one now finds the following:

Updated November 24, 2020:

The United States District of the Society of Saint Pius X has recently convened a panel of priests, moral theologians, and medical experts to further study this issue, under the guidance of the General House in Menzingen.

Whether, and to what extent if any, this move was undertaken in response to the akaCatholic post, and the reaction of our readers to it, is unknown.

What does seem rather clear, however, is that prior to publishing its original article, the U.S. District of the SSPX had not┬áconsulted with a “panel of priests, moral theologians, and medical experts,” nor had it sought “the guidance of the General House in Menzingen.”

In other words, that dreadful article was largely an editorial; i.e., one man’s personal opinion (immunology lessons aside), which makes the fact that its authorship was anonymous all the more curious.

In any case, a more detailed examination is underway.

Is that a good thing? I have my doubts, but I’ll keep an eye on this story and inform readers as more details become available.

That said, my hope is that the SSPX panel will conclude that, when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, the Society is best served by focusing exclusively on the task of forming the consciences of their faithful according to the broad, universal, and timeless principles that are based upon traditional Catholic moral theology. This would necessarily entail offering instruction concerning the rights and duties of citizens, as well as unambiguous exhortations directed toward government officials as to their own obligation to act according to those very same principles, be they Catholic or not.

If, however, the SSPX still insists upon weighing-in on the very specific topic of COVID-19 vaccines, and worse, giving advice to its faithful concerning their use, the only way to do so with any credibility whatsoever would be to delve very deeply into the geo-political gamesmanship surrounding the so-called “pandemic,” uncovering and condemning the deceptive practices, numerous lies and evil motives of those who are laboring to profit from it.

My unsolicited advice to the SSPX: Stay in your lane on this one. Focus your energies and marshal your forces in preparation for battle in defense of the Sovereign Rights of Christ the King.

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