General Audience: Francis and the Novus Ordo exposed

Francis Wed AudienceAt the General Audience earlier today, Francis continued to expound upon the Novus Ordo (let’s be clear – he isn’t offering catechesis on Holy Mass), this time with respect to what he dubbed “the central moment;” namely, the so-called “Eucharistic Prayer.”

The Mass, he said, “corresponds to what Jesus himself did, at the table with the Apostles at the Last Supper.”

This concept, which emphasizes meal as opposed to Cross, is one that the Protestants find most acceptable. Francis wasn’t done, however, as he went on to say of the Novus Ordo:

Jesus’ thanksgiving lives again in all our Eucharist, associating us [in Italian, associandoci] with his sacrifice of salvation.

I am not certain what the theological significance of “associating” is, but I am fairly certain that the heretics are good with it.

He continued:

And in this solemn prayer – the Eucharistic Prayer is solemn – the Church expresses what she does when she celebrates the Eucharist and the reason why she celebrates it, that is, to make communion with Christ truly present in the consecrated bread and wine.

First, I had to laugh at the repetition. The Eucharistic Prayer is solemn. No, really, it’s solemn!

One wonders if he is trying to convince us, or himself.

In any case, “to make communion truly present” is not the purpose, or the ends, of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

As has been our method in dissecting these wretched General Audiences, we now turn to the Ottaviani Intervention which tells us that they are as follows:

  1. Ultimate end. This is that of the Sacrifice of praise to the Most Holy Trinity according to the explicit declaration of Christ in the primary purpose of His very Incarnation: “Coming into the world he saith: sacrifice and oblation thou wouldst not but a body thou has fitted me” (Ps. XXXIX, 7-9 in Heb. X, 5).

In the Novus Ordo, the Intervention points out, “This end has disappeared from the Offertory.” [Emphasis in original]

  1. Ordinary end. This is the propitiatory Sacrifice. It too has been deviated from; for instead of putting the stress on the remission of sins of the living and the dead it lays emphasis on the nourishment and sanctification of the present.

At this, the Intervention sheds great light on the disordered priorities of the Novus Ordo when it states:

Christ certainly instituted the Sacrament of the Last Supper putting Himself in the state of Victim in order that we might be united to Him in this state, but this self-immolation precedes the eating of the Victim, and has an antecedent and full redemptive value (the application of the bloody immolation). This is borne out by the fact that the faithful present are not bound to communicate, sacramentally.

Get that?

The stress in the Novus Ordo has been deliberately shifted away from the propitiatory Sacrifice offered for the remission of sins.

Francis, as I stated last week, knows his Novus Ordo very well, which is why his so-called catechesis on why the Church “celebrates the Eucharist” does not mention sin even once.

And lastly, according to the Intervention’s treatment on the ends of Holy Mass:

  1. Immanent end. Whatever the nature of the Sacrifice, it is absolutely necessary that it be pleasing and acceptable to God. After the Fall no sacrifice can claim to be acceptable in its own right other than the Sacrifice of Christ.

On this point, as noted last week as well, the Intervention warns:

The Novus Ordo changes the nature of the offering, turning it into a sort or exchange of gifts between man and God: man brings the bread, and God turns it into the “bread of life”; man brings the wine, and God turns it into a “spiritual drink.”

At this, Francis took a thinly veiled shot at the Traditional Latin Mass:

The priest pronounces the Eucharistic Prayer aloud, in the name of all those present, addressing the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit … And to unite must understand. For this reason, the Church wanted to celebrate Mass in the language that people understand, so that everyone can join this praise and this great prayer with the priest.

No, “the Church” didn’t want the common, profane language of the people to supplant Latin in the Mass; much less did our Holy Mother desire to turn the sacred liturgy into performance art which requires that the priest’s every word be audible – rather, a bunch of arrogant and sinful men made that happen.

At several points in today’s Audience, Francis quoted the Catechism of the Conciliar Church and offered a few (heartfelt?) comments about the Real Presence.

Those who are weak of mind, or of faith, or of both, will likely focus on these; as if the leaven that is well mixed throughout his presentation is of no concern.

For Francis’ sake, it would be much better for him if he simply pays lip service to the Real Presence, and does not actually believe, as he said, “The Mass is the sacrifice of Christ … It is the body of Jesus,” given the fact that he refuses to bend his knee before Our Lord either at the altar/table or elsewhere.

Bottom line on this point:

There is precious little to no evidence that Jorge Bergoglio believes that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist, and a boatload of evidence to the contrary.

Some “pope,” eh?

Furthermore, would anyone who understands and holds the Catholic faith say the following, as Francis did today?

Then there is the invocation of the Spirit to consecrate bread and wine with his power. We invoke the Spirit to come, and in the bread, and in the wine, there is Jesus.

If a child preparing for First Holy Communion made such an answer, it would be clear that further formation is needed before proceeding.

Like I said, some “pope,” eh?

The only benefit to be derived from these weekly debacles is that they shed additional light on the sheer folly of the Novus Ordo and on the “so-called pontificate of Francis,” to quote dear Fr. Gruner (buon’ anima!)

I genuinely feel sorry for those who are clinging to the irrational belief that this man, Jorge Bergoglio, who clearly does not believe what the Church teaches, and whose words and deeds are set in active opposition to the same – in spite of numerous correctionsis the Vicar of Christ and the head of the Holy Catholic Church on earth.

At this, I will invite you to read the following blog post from Oakes Spalding, a sincere and well-formed Catholic man whose eyes have recently been opened:

Okay, I’ll Say It: I Don’t Think He’s the Pope

May it please God to likewise open the eyes of many others who are not afraid to raise their voices.

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