Fortnight Follies

The Archdiocese of Baltimore, my home diocese, is suggesting that the faithful take the “Fortnight for Freedom Pledge” which goes as follows:

I Pledge to



…for the success of the Fortnight for Freedom and for the preservation of religious freedom for Catholic Americans and people of all faiths;



…myself and others on the threats posed to our religious liberty rights and the consequences that await should these threats go unchecked; and



…by participating in Fortnight events in my parish to prevent further religious liberty incursions so that the rights we cherish as both Americans & people of faith are preserved for us and for all future generations.

OK… Am I the only one wondering what the heck praying for the freedom of “people of all faiths” is supposed to accomplish? Think about what that prayer might look like:

Let us pray for the enemies of Holy Mother Church, that they may enjoy the freedom necessary to destroy her:


Dear Lord,


In Your inscrutable clemency, please move the hearts and minds of those who govern our fair land, that they may never draft laws that in any way dare to encumber the freedom of Wiccans, Muslims, Buddhists, heathens, heretics or practitioners of any of the other false religions that despise your Son, so that they may ever be guaranteed the freedom of expression necessary to lead souls away from You unto the eternal damnation of many.



Uh…. no thanks. I think I’ll politely decline the invitation.

As for Educate, here’s a crazy idea: Instead of indoctrinating yourself and your loved ones with the twisted logic of those who wish to convince you that it’s a virtue to pray for the freedom of false religions that directly oppose Jesus Christ, consider taking some time to find out what it means to proclaim His Kingship by studying the encyclical Quas Primas? Believe it or not, the Church hasn’t officially rejected the doctrine concerning the Social Kingship of Christ, her prelates have simply ceased to preach it. That’s means you have to, otherwise it won’t happen.

That brings us to Act: If you haven’t already, consider signing the Christus Rex for Freedom pledge to offer authentic Catholic prayer on behalf of the Church and her freedom, that her prelates may once again muster the courage to proclaim the Sovereign rights of Christ the King. Of course, there’s always the option of participating in your local parish’s “Pancakes for Patriotism” and “Fish Fry for Freedom,” crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.