COVID jabs for infants: An act of consecration to Moloch

On February 1, 2021, Washington Post published an article under the lengthy title:

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for children under 5 could be available by the end of February, people with knowledge say 

Citing a conveniently unnamed source, the Post is reporting that Pfizer-BioNTech is about to submit an Emergency Use Authorization request for a two-shot COVID vaccine regimen specifically formulated for six-month-old infants up to children of school age. 

Though the manufacturers insist that their gene therapy product is safe (sound familiar?), test results relative to immune response have been “disappointing.”  As such, the pharmaceutical giants have been testing a third dose, the results of which won’t be available until late March.

That’s only about eight weeks from now. Even so, the Post said that this news was “a crushing blow to many pediatricians and parents who would now have to wait several months to protect children.”

Many? Something tells me they’re exaggerating in the hopes of influencing nitwits to follow the alleged crowd, at least until such time as the baby shots take their place on the child vaccine schedule.

In any case, FDA to the rescue!

As reported by the Post:

The FDA urged the companies to submit the application [for Emergency Use Authorization] so that regulators could begin reviewing the two-shot data, according to the knowledgeable individuals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. 

“The idea is, let’s go ahead and start the review of two doses,” said one of the people familiar with the situation. “If the data holds up in the submission, you could start kids on their primary baseline months earlier than if you don’t do anything until the third-dose data comes in.”

So, bottom line, a three-shot COVID gene therapy for infants and toddlers is about to become a reality; of this there can be little doubt. My sense, and I hope to be wrong, is that the day is coming soon when newborns will not be released from hospital nurseries until such time as they’ve been, if not microchipped, “COVID vaccinated.”   

If you doubt the inevitability of deathjabs for six-month-olds, you’re either woefully naïve or deliberately ill-informed. 

Anthony Fauci, his Big Pharma partners, and their bought-and-paid-for minions have been successfully ramming dangerous, and even deadly, concoctions through the FDA approval process for decades on end. Trials for obscenely profitable drugs are not infrequently rigged with bogus placebos, wandering end points, and flat out fraud. If a given trial happens to produce negative safety and efficacy data, the results are simply rewritten until regulators are satisfied.  

This has happened over and over again since the sociopathic Fauci took the reins of NIAID, and it’s not going to stop now. (I strongly suggest that anyone interested in this topic read Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci.)  

The only question that remains at this point is what kind of parent or healthcare worker [sic] would ever submit a young child to one of these experimental injections, much less three of them? 

The answer is simple: It’s the godless – the demonically influenced, and the spiritually crippled – some of whom have been posing as sincere seekers of Truth but who are, only now, beginning to reveal their true identity.  

These are largely the same persons who call the wanton mutilation of unborn children “health care,” when in reality it is the unholy sacrament of the servants of Satan, a quasi-ceremonial act whereby an innocent human being is immolated on the altar of the abortionist’s table. It is a disgusting mockery of Our Lord’s Sacrifice on the Cross made present at every celebration of Holy Mass.

But what are we to say about the many lowlife parents among us who, rather than making of their unborn offspring a sacrificial oblation to Evil, have chosen instead to bring children into this world? Are they not compelled to participate, along with their children, in the sacramental life of the godless as well?

Indeed they are so compelled inasmuch as the desire to worship is ingrained in all men, and this longing to give adoration to the “greater other” manifests itself among the godless in ways both informal and formal. Among the latter is the pagan mockery of Baptism known as “Wiccaning,” or “saining,” a name derived from a Scottish word meaning “to bless, consecrate, or protect.” [i]   

The saining of a child, most often an infant, consists of “marking” the child with “sacred water” that has been “blessed” with what is called the “Waters of Life Prayer.” It reads:

All Waters are one.

The water that flowed from this tap

Is the water that flowed from the pipe

Is the water that flowed from the aquifer

Is the water that flowed from the river

Is the water that flowed from the ocean

Is the water that flowed from the sky

Is the water that flowed from the sacred well where the gods reside.

All Waters are one. [ii]

Everyone reading this space is personally familiar with any number of godless persons – demonically influenced, spiritually crippled parents and so-called healthcare professionals – some of whom may be members of our own families. 

Of these persons, how many have ever engaged in a ceremonial ritual such as saining? 

That number, no doubt, is rather small. What this means is that there is a widespread unmet need among the godless; in particular, parents, whose deep-seated urge to pay homage to the Darkness is fueled all the more by the guilt of having taken as their own the would-be sacrifice that is their living child. 

But how does one in such a position mollify Moloch, he who thirsts for human sacrifice, in the face of such an affront? 

If nothing else, the child must be “marked” as belonging to him. 

Enter the COVID vaccine, a mockery of Baptism that is (or will be) much easier to arrange than ceremonial saining, and yet is far more profound, so much so that even those children that have undergone Wiccaning are also prime candidates for the shot. 

You see, the mark imparted by saining, being purely external, is most appropriately considered an impious reenactment of the ritual purification of the Jews, the mikveh, that served to prefigure the Sacrament of Baptism.

The Pfizer COVID injection, by contrast, is far closer to the real deal as it approximates the indelible mark of Baptism, leaving its signature within the interior of the child, on a genetic level, as “messenger RNA (mRNA) which is genetic material … instructs cells in the body to make” an unnatural foreign invader, namely, “the distinctive ‘spike’ protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.” iii             

In the Sacrament of Baptism, one dies, and then rises to new life, with He whose Sacrifice on the Cross lends redemptive value to our suffering. The mimicking injection of the godless, by contrast, inverts God’s gratuitous gift as it invites suffering without meaning, all too frequently imparting death, with no promise of redemption attached.  

As stated, there can be little doubt that the regimen as approved will ultimately include a series of not only two, but rather three injections. In this, one discerns yet another attempt to mock Baptism. 

In the Traditional Rite, not only does the pouring of water take place three times at the mention of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, there is also a threefold renunciation of Satan, as well as a threefold profession of faith.

Every time godless parents present their children – not one, not two, but three times – to an equally godless vaxicutioner, a threefold profession of faith is also being made, most certainly not, however, in Almighty God.  

And this is why – once COVID injections for infants and toddlers are made widely available – the godless, the demonically influenced, and the spiritually crippled will make haste to have their innocent young partake of the Pfizer font. 

The vaccine that flowed from this needle

Is the vaccine that flowed from the syringe

Is the vaccine that flowed from the vial

Is the vaccine that flowed from the lab

Is the vaccine that flowed from fake science    

Is the vaccine that flowed from the eugenicist mind 

Is the vaccine that flowed from the darkness of Hell where pure Evil abides