As most regulars here are well aware, the chasm that exists between authentic Catholic thought (aka “traditionalism”) and the prevailing ecumaniacal church-of-man mentality is the handiwork of the Evil One and his co-conspirators; some willing, others simply ignorant.

Even so, the poor wretched soul who has been playing havoc with the comment section on the blog has given all of us a valuable reminder of who our real adversary is.

No worries. This stuff will happen. Nothing provokes the demons more than the unadulterated truth.

I’m suspending comments for the time being, but please know that I’m working on a long term solution that will allow the solid community of sincere Catholics who regularly visit this site to continue engaging one another without having their comments moderated into lukewarmness.

Stay tuned.

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  1. zanini July 10, 2017