Bishop Strickland: Homokardinal has left the building!

The tradservative world was all abuzz last week over comments made by Cardinal Reinhard Marx in a recent interview with the German publication, Stern.

When asked about “how homosexual, queer, or trans people are to be accommodated in Catholic teaching,” Marx replied:

The value of love is shown in the relationship; in not making the other person an object, in not using or humiliating the other person, in being faithful and dependable to each other … We discussed these questions during the family synod, but there was reluctance to set something down. Even then I said: There are people living in an intimate love relationship that is expressed sexually. Are we really going to say that this is worthless? Sure, there are people who want to see sexuality limited to procreation, but what do they say to people who can’t have children?    

So, according to Der Homokardinal (that’s German for fat gay man in red), sodomy does not entail using or humiliating anyone, it’s about intimate love. (It’s not immediately clear whether or not Marx believes that it is better to give then to receive.)

Getting right to the point, Marx plainly insisted “Homosexuality is not a sin.” 

“The Catechism is not set in stone,” Marx continued, referring to the so-called Catechism of the Catholic [sic] Church (Wojtylan Publications, 1992). “One may also doubt what it says.” (We’ll examine this idea more closely in a future post.)

Catholic reaction was swift. 

Among the most noteworthy of responses are those that came from the Chairman of the USCCB Committee on Episcopal Tweeting, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX.

Strickland initially entered the fray by retweeting a tweet (now you know why the USCCB made him the Committee Chair) from Deacon Keith Fournier who called Marx to repentance, saying, “You are embracing and teaching and promoting the poison of heresy.”

Evidently emboldened by the deacon’s salvo, Strickland tweeted directly in reference to Marx: 

Like every bishop his eminence promised to guard the deposit of faith of which the Catechism is a major component.

Minutes later, Strickland launched an even deadlier Twitterbomb, writing: 

Cardinal Marx has left the Catholic faith. He needs to be honest & officially resign.  

This comment is perhaps more interesting than many of Strickland’s Twitter followers realize.

Recall that Cardinal Marx did officially resign back in May of last year. In a letter to Bergoglio (stage name, Francis), Marx said that he was tendering his resignation because…

In essence, it is important to me to share the responsibility for the catastrophe of the sexual abuse by Church officials over the past decades. 

The catastrophe to which Reinhard referred was, of course, overwhelmingly homosexual in nature, the result of homo-deviant clerics preying on post-pubescent boys. Jorge, however, would have none of it.

One month after Marx’s resignation was submitted, Bergoglio officially rejected it. In a letter of his own, Jorge consoled the Homokardinal, writing:  

If you are tempted to think that, by confirming your mission and not accepting your resignation, this Bishop of Rome (your brother who loves you) does not understand you, think of what Peter felt before the Lord when, in his own way, he presented him with his resignation: ‘Depart from me, for I am a sinner,’ and listen to the answer: ‘Shepherd my sheep.’

Reinhard Marx. Saint Peter. You see the similarities, don’t you?   

Moving on… Is it true, as Bishop Strickland said, that Marx has left the Catholic faith? 

Assuming he ever possessed it, of course it is true, and one need not await an official ruling from Modernist Rome (or a tweet from Texas) to know that it’s true. As Pope Pius XII explained:

For not every sin, however grave it may be, is such as of its own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy. (Mystici Corporis, 23)

Get that? Of its own nature, that is, by the heresy itself, in this case, Marx’s flat out denial of the divinely revealed truth about human sexuality as constantly affirmed by the Sacred Magisterium throughout the centuries.

So, Joseph Strickland is correct: Reinhard Marx has indeed severed himself from the Body of the Church. This means that Marx is not even a Catholic layman at this point, much less is he the Cardinal Archbishop of Munich. 

So, why is His Tweetership calling on Marx to officially resign, again? Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to call on Conciliar Headquarters to formally declare the See of Munich vacant because its erstwhile ordinary “has left the Catholic faith” due to heresy?  

Of course it would, but Joseph Strickland isn’t stupid. He knows that doing this would come way too close to a related truth, one that he is Hell bent on denying as a matter of self-preservation.

You see, Jorge Bergoglio has not only made his own departure from the Catholic faith evident in multiple media interviews over the past nine years, he also boldly put his heresy in writing in Amoris Laetitia; he signed his [stage] name to it; he even pertinaciously doubled-down on it when he was publicly corrected.

Joseph Strickland knows this, but Joseph Strickland is a coward and a hypocrite, who, rather than risk his own cushy position as the well-kept ordinary of a conciliar diocese, even went so far as to offer praise for Jorge’s blasphemous Love Letter to Satan which he called, “a beautiful teaching from our Holy Father Francis on the splendor of Christian marriage and the family.”

Hypocrisy is endemic to the conciliar church; its entire edifice is built on a giant lie, namely, that it is the one true Church of Christ.