ANNOUNCEMENT: Comments re-enabled

KeyboardSince I chose to disable comments on the blog, I’ve received more messages than I can count both pro and con. The reality is, there is no perfect way to proceed.

Lately, I’ve come to believe that this blog can do more good for more souls if comments are once again welcome. It is entirely obvious that some will be pleased by my decision to re-enable comments, others not so much. For the latter, I can only suggest that if you find the combox a source of agitation, simply read as if it does not exist and move on. Simple.

As I have always insisted, I have neither the time nor the inclination to play policeman. Today, I have less time for such things as ever. Please, don’t send me a message complaining about a commenter unless they are genuinely vile; e.g., using profanities, blasphemies and the like.

As for rules? Just behave like Christians. Be charitable. Stay on topic. Be succinct – the combox isn’t a personal blog site. Make the explicit goal of each and every comment you post to bring another person closer to Catholic tradition. If that is your guide, this will work out just fine.

Lastly, remember that placing multiple links in a comment will cause it to be sent to a spam folder.

Thank you for reading and commenting (if you so choose). I’m grateful for all of you.

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