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panicEven though I don’t believe that readers are in a panic over the fact that nothing new has been posted here since last Thursday, I thought I’d take a moment to provide a brief note of explanation.

I’m presently working on what I consider to be a rather important article that aims to address a very serious error concerning the message of Fatima; one that is growing in popularity even among those who are deeply devoted to Our Lady.

Defending the truth in this case is a somewhat delicate matter (for reasons that will be obvious once the article is posted). It has required many hours of reading, consulting with persons far more knowledgeable and holier than I, and most of all prayerful reflection.

On this latter note, I would ask for your prayers, that I might faithfully carry out the task at hand as Our Lady would wish to see it done.

Be forewarned, this article is lengthier than most and will likely, for many, be a challenging read. As with so many other articles posted in this space, I anticipate some “push back” and a loss of support at a time when, I must admit, the difficulty associated with this keeping this effort afloat remains considerable to say the least.

Even so, silence is not an option. Again, please pray for me to speak well, faithfully, and charitably. I hope to have this article posted later today, but then again, I had the same thought yesterday… Thanks in advance!

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