A note from John Vennari

John_VennariJohn posted the following and asked that it be shared. Please pray for John and his family. He’s a man to whom I, and indeed all of us, owe a debt of gratitude.

John writes:

This is a note to tell my friends that I have to go into surgery on Saturday morning, November 26.

Cancer is a nasty beast, and it has caused an obstruction in the GI that must be addressed immediately. Immediately.

As noted already, my case has been serious from the start, and this latest problem came to a head at the same time I returned from three weeks of cancer treatment in Mexico.

I am presently not able to update my CFN webpage (I write this note from the hospital). I was blessed to receive the Sacrament of Extreme Unction this afternoon.

Please feel free to forward and/or post this, along with the link below that provides background and info for those who wish to share prayerful and financial support. http://www.oltyn.org/vennari.htm

Thank you for all your prayers and support up until now. Please pray and ask others to pray, especially communities of religious and convents of nuns.

Am I am a little afraid of surgery? Who wouldn’t be? But I place my trust in Our and Our Lady, and take heart from all the kindness and concern I’ve received. Your outpouring of love has been astounding.

I may not be able to update for a few days.

Thank you.

John Vennari

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