A chance to make a difference

Most every visitor to this blog rightly mourns the loss of Catholic tradition and how several generations have been robbed of the sacred heritage that is rightly their own. Well, here’s a chance for us to do something concrete about it.

My friends Robert and Julie Siscoe’s daughter is a freshman at Fisher More College, the only accredited Traditional Catholic four year college in North America, and they can’t speak about it highly enough. (You likely recognize Robert’s name from his excellent articles published  in the Remnant over the years.)

From the Fisher More website:

Campus life at the College is centered around the traditional Sacred Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church, which features the Holy Sacrifice of the Traditional Latin Mass daily and includes daily communal prayer (Rosary, Divine Office, etc.) and frequent devotions such as Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, novenas, honoring of feast days, etc.

The college is in real need of funding and every little but helps. Even if you can’t help financially, please spread the word and offer prayers that their goals will be met! Click the image below to learn more.

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