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aka Catholic Title ImageAs I said in yesterday’s post, the season of “harvesting the fruit of Vatican II” is passing and it’s time to move on; onto something better.

From this point forward, we will carry on under the banner aka Catholic – the name by which so-called “traditionalists” are more accurately known.

Some Housekeeping:

Visitors to HarvestingTheFruit.com should (should) find themselves automatically redirected to akaCatholic.com. (Some of you have likely found this to be the case already.)

If you’re reading this and you have not been so redirected, clear your internet history (your cache). Future clicks on HarvetstingTheFruit.com will then redirect. Otherwise, you can simply bookmark akaCatholic.com and make this your new pathway to the blog.

Eventually, all of the individual posts will redirect to the new site. For now, the ones posted after November 6th are only accessible via their specific url on the old site. This isn’t what I expected, so please bear with me for a day or so and all of the content will eventually migrate to the new site.

Usernames / Passwords:

All of the registered usernames and passwords, as well as older posts and comments (eventually all), have been transferred to the new site. I don’t expect you to encounter any glitches logging-in at aka Catholic, but if you do, please let me know.

For now, the best way is via email at catholicword@comcast.net

In Other News:

I’m honored and pleased to inform you that Fr. Robert Mann, SCJ (pictured below) will be joining us as a contributor. His name may be familiar to you as Fr. Mann has been offering comments on the blog for some time, and they have always been much appreciated by both me and readers.

Fr. Robert Mann, SCJI will allow Fr. Mann (who lives in Ireland) to introduce himself, but I will tell you that he and I first began corresponding over two years ago. He, like Fr. Marques Campo, is intrepidly upholding the Faith “in the trenches,” and has privately expressed gratitude for the work that we (all of us, all of you included) do here.

We are privileged to have him aboard, and I am certain that he will receive a warm welcome. On this note, I will repeat what should go without say: Fr. Mann (like Fr. Marques Campo before him) doesn’t need our approval with respect to his “credentials.”

As you may recall, there were some unfortunate comments directed toward Fr. Marques Campo upon his introduction. Live and learn. Take my word for it, this time will be different.

Going forward, plans are in the works to add more priest-contributors to the blog. I think it’s going to be increasingly important for all of us to hear from those intrepid few who are willing to stand with us and lead us as this crisis rages onward.

Guest Contributors:

Occasionally, akaCatholic will feature posts from a limited number of Guest Contributors from among the laity. I stress limited so as to give no one the impression that we’re in search of submissions.

I am already the least of the men who post on this blog thanks to our esteemed priest contributors. I intend to continue that trend by offering posts from a select group of Guest Contributors who are likewise accomplished in their field.

On this note, for instance, Dr. John Rao (a remarkably brilliant historian that is familiar to many of you, and a man I am privileged to call friend) has kindly given me permission to post some of his writings here. You’ll see something from him here soon.

Looking Ahead:

This blog would be a magnificent waste of time without all of you. I’m serious. Your comments are often as edifying or more than anything I’ve ever posted, and that’s one of the reasons so many people visit this space. (We are on track for more than 2.5 million page views this year alone.)

With this in mind, I’d like to invite you to use the combox here to suggest possible enhancements that might make the blog even better. As I said in the last post on the Harvesting site – I’m all in with this effort and then some.

The Million Dollar Question:

Can this effort actually continue, and even thrive?

The good news is it doesn’t take a million dollars to answer this question. It does take resources, however; time and effort being the easy part.

To be very honest, while I know that it’s entirely possible for this effort to thrive based upon our readership, and the passion and commitment that all of you bring. Only time will tell…

Three months ago I made an appeal for donations. The response was encouraging, but really just a start.

After taking time to discern that the Lord is not asking me to shelve this effort, rather than make more appeals for financial support (even though the need still exists – in fact, more now than ever), I decided to take a leap of faith and “double down” so to speak; to reposition this blog for the work of defending the faith over the long haul.

I’ll circle back with more on this later. For now, welcome to aka Catholic! It’s a privilege to begin this new chapter together with all of you.

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