The deafening silence of “conservative” Catholics

For those who, surprisingly, can’t quite get their hands around Saturday’s post…  This isn’t real complicated.

There isn’t a “conservative” Catholic commentator alive who hasn’t publicly confronted the notion that political leaders who promote abortion-on-demand are to be esteemed as champions of “human dignity… non-violence, reconciliation and truth … justice and the common good” as the Church understands them, and they do so for the simple reason that this bastardization of Catholic social doctrine represents a grave danger, not just for society, but for the individual faithful who support such politicians.

Karl Keating is just one such person among many. Catholic Answers can be applauded for producing a Catholic Voter’s Guide and for offering articles and programs aimed at setting the record straight on the “seamless garment” mentality that, here in the United States, has led to election after election wherein the majority of self-identified Catholics vote pro-death politicians into office.

For example, how many of these conservative voices, certain members of the sacred hierarchy included, have been raised over the years against the Nancy Pelosis of the world for daring to suggest that their political aspirations are worthy expressions of authentic social justice?

Now I ask you, who threatens to lead human society and individual souls away from the truth, apart from which each will perish; the pro-death politicians who disguise themselves as praiseworthy promoters of “human dignity …  non-violence, reconciliation and truth … justice and the common good,” or the visible head of the Catholic Church who validates them as such?

The bottom line here should be obvious: Those conservative Catholic voices who position themselves and their apostolates as dedicated to helping good Catholics become better Catholics, and bringing former Catholics back to the Church, and yet remain silent to the grave dangers posed by the hierarchy’s praise for Nelson Mandela, the pope included, invite one to wonder exactly who they are serving; is it Christ, or is it their own self-preservation?

This question is especially valid when said persons are willing to go out of their way to publicly single out the supposed danger posed by traditional Catholic voices, some even going so far as to lobby behind the scenes (albeit in vain) for their demise.

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