Now that I have your attention

I appreciate all of the responses to the Gore-Tex video.  They’ve been overwhelming, really. Now that I have your attention, I hope you will permit me to encourage some introspection.

With Lent just a few days away, I think this would be a perfect time for all of us, me first and foremost, to take a look in the mirror.

This work of shining the light of tradition on all things, even those papal statements and actions that might otherwise confuse and mislead others, is a delicate balancing act. In the process, it’s important to make every effort to lift up the whole truth for everyone to see, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, that there may be no confusion whatsoever, and one of those truths concerns the honor and respect that we owe to the Petrine Office and the person of the pope. As I said, delicate.

With that in mind, I’m not afraid to admit that the CMTV Manifesto, in spite of its flaws, did at least serve one good purpose; it reminded me of how important it is in this effort to attack offenses without belittling the offender. Not easy! I’m certain that I’ve failed in the past and will fail again in the future, but I do hope to do better going forward and would ask that you please join me in thinking along those same lines as well.

On another note, I’m sure John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara and Michael Matt appreciate the encouragement you’ve expressed as well. That said, I’m also sure they’d appreciate it even more if you would consider subscribing to their print publications too.

Making a go of it financially in traditional Catholic media isn’t easy, believe me. So think about subscribing to Catholic Family News or the Remnant or both. If you do already, then you already know that they make great gifts. Just saying…

Lastly, some folks responded to the “Gore-Tex” video by saying of CMTV in so many words, “They’re dead to me.” I’m not on board with that, to be very honest.

I really do believe what I said; people all over the world now recognize “lies and falsehoods” dressed up in Catholic clothing, even when they flow out of Rome, thanks to the work CMTV does.

I was at the CMTV studio in May and can report firsthand that their day starts in the chapel with the Divine Office, and it ends in that same space with Holy Mass. The Enemy hates these people. Believe me. That entire staff is comprised of hardworking, dedicated people who are in it for all the right reasons, and that starts with Michael Voris.

This is a dust-up; serious enough, but it’s not a divorce. Let’s not go overboard. Some mistakes were made. Like I said, we’re still family and we’ll live to fight another day, hopefully side-by-side and hopefully soon.

Thanks again for all of your kind responses.

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