Liturgical Dishonesty

November 25th (on the new liturgical calendar) was the Solemnity of Christ the King

Now, tell me, aside from the observance of this annual solemnity, can you point to any clear and consistent exhortations coming from the Holy See (or any of the world’s bishops and their national conferences) over the last several decades indicating that the dominion of Jesus Christ extends even to those who are outside of the Christian faith (like Barack Hussein Obama and his company of supporters), in such way that the whole of mankind — the individual, the family and the State — is subject to Christ the King?

I certainly can’t, but guess what; that is precisely the enduring truth that Pope Pius XI intended to proclaim all the more clearly by establishing the Feast of Christ the King.

Take a moment to read his Encyclical, Quas Primas, and ponder the difficult question:

Would it not perhaps be more honest for the Church to strike the Solemnity of Christ the King from the liturgical calendar than to continue paying lip service to the title for a mere 24 hours each year?

[Excerpted from my latest column, A Trifecta of Dishonesty.]