FSSP tells ‘Successor to Peter’ to shove it!

In response to the Congregation for Divine Worship’s December 18th offensive against the one true Roman Rite, the FSSP has issued a statement that perfectly illustrates the cognitive dissonance of those persons who claim that the “conciliar church” is the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and its leader, Jorge Bergoglio, is Holy Father.  

According to the statement – which in addition to being published online was read aloud in FSSP parishes this weekend – insists that the CDW directive “does not directly address” them.

In other words, the FSSP just told the Congregation for Divine Worship and its plump Argentinian overlord, We are above your jurisdiction! So, you can take Traditiones Cojones and your Responsa ad dubia and shove them!  

And this even as they profess “fidelity to the Successor of Peter.”

This invites a serious question: To which Successor of Peter is the FSSP faithful? The answer, at least insofar as the present discussion is concerned, is clear; it’s not the man they call “Pope Francis” but rather “Saint” John Paul the Great Ecumenist! 

The FSSP statement declares, “The former Ecclesia Dei communities [like themselves] possess their own proper law,” namely, “the provisions of the Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei of July 2, 1988.”    

Unfortunately for the FSSP and its full-communion con freres, His Holiness Pope Leo XIII made it abundantly clear what fidelity to the Successor to Peter actually entails in cases such as these:

Those who, faced with two differing directives set up some kind of opposition between one Pontiff and another, showing disgust for the present one to hold to the past, are not giving proof of obedience to the authority which has the right and duty to guide them; and in some ways they resemble those who, on receiving a condemnation, would wish to appeal to a future council, or to a Pope who is better informed.

(Apostolic Letter Epistola Tua, AAS 1885, pg. 3)

From practically the very moment that Traditiones Cojones was issued, countless tradservative individuals and groups have been working overtime setting up opposition between the man they presently consider to be the Roman Pontiff and his post-conciliar predecessors, primarily Benedict XVI. In the case under consideration here, we have the FSSP setting up opposition between the “God of Surprises,” Francis, and JPII.

Some “fidelity to the Successor of Peter,” no? This is the gift that is Bergoglio:

Thanks to the likes of Amoris Laetitia, Traditions Cojones, and the present CDW document, those who refuse to acknowledge that the institution presently housed in occupied Rome is but a counterfeit church, and its head is but a poseur, are being forced to demonstrate by their behavior that, when push comes to shove, deep down they know better.