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My FaceBook feed is littered with conservative Catholic commentary about the “real” Nelson Mandela, some of it mentions his legacy as a champion of abortion-on-demand, but mostly it’s about his bona fides as a political terrorist.

Today in Crisis Magazine, which poses as “a voice for the Catholic laity,” there is an article entitled, “Nelson Mandela: A Candid Assessment” wherein the writer, Timothy J. Williams, takes issue with Barack Obama’s over-the-top statement that Mandela was among the “most influential, courageous and profoundly good people to ever have lived.”

Bravo for pointing that out, but who expected anything else from this tool of the Evil One?

I suppose the article was motivated by a desire to (as Crisis’ mission statement says) “remind countless Catholics of their heritage, give them the confidence to defend the common good, a just society, the teachings the Church,” etc.,  in the face of misleading flowery rhetoric from one of the Church’s most prominent enemies.

Conspicuously unaddressed in this article, and by Crisis in general, however, is the grave danger posed to the faithful by the equally misleading and flowery rhetoric of Pope Francis who praised Mandela for “promoting the human dignity of all the nation’s citizens … non-violence, reconciliation and truth … justice and the common good.”

What we see before our very eyes is the unexpected mechanism by which that long expected “smaller, more faithful Church” is already coming about thanks to the majority of the sacred hierarchy, including the pope, along with the help of those faux Catholic media apostolates that are focused more on their own self-preservation than on Christ.

While one used to imagine that this would happen under a pope who returned the Church to fidelity to her mission, sending the humanists scurrying in search of greener pastures thereby shrinking the Church, demographically speaking, the exact opposite appears to be taking shape.

As Pope Francis continues, as one may reasonably expect apart from Divine intervention, to set about the work of constructing the church-of-man, the demographic numbers may very well swell even as “the congregation of all those who profess the faith of Christ” (to borrow from the Baltimore Catechism’s description of the Church) continues to shrink.

If nothing else, Pope Francis is pushing the humanist envelope such that silence no longer cuts it, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for individuals and apostolates alike to avoid answering the challenge, “Choose this day who you will serve.”

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