Blessed are we!

With so many faithful Catholics feeling discouraged, I think we need to take a small step back to consider exactly where we find ourselves in salvation history.

As I recently shared with a friend, those who want to know their faith can. Should it be easier than it is today? Perhaps, but we have nearly 2,000 years of magisterium and tradition that cannot err. We must cling to these truths and profess them at every turn, in the face of every error, regardless of who promotes it, “even if an angel from heaven.”

God wants us here at this exact moment in time to serve His cause.

Let that sink in deeply. There’s something very thrilling about this awareness. The Lord Himself, He who knitted us together in our mother’s womb and can number the hairs on our head, has recruited us to serve as warriors for Christ the King at this time of battle. He wills that we should emerge victorious, even if only in eternity. Who, therefore, can be against us?

How blessed are we!

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