Was John Courtney Murray Right? An examination of the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II

On December 7, 1965, Pope Paul VI officially promulgated Dignitatis Humanae – the Second Vatican Council’s “Americanized” treatment of religious freedom: It was as though an American flag had been raised atop the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, supplanting the Cross of Christ the King; the same that had long since adorned not just the pinnacle of this most famous of all sacred buildings, but the very heart of Christendom itself…

In this brief but high-impact book, Louie Verrecchio compares and contrasts the traditional doctrine of the Church with the novelties that were enshrined in the Declaration on Religious Freedom of Vatican II.

Rather than focusing on minutia, Verrecchio shines the light of Tradition on the foundational planks upon which these two disparate approaches to religious freedom must either stand or fall, providing readers with the insight necessary to decide for themselves: Was John Courtney Murray right? $12.50
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