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    I am sure there are exceptions, for example, legumes like beans are high in protein, but, in general, it seems that proteins such as meats and others are more expensive than carbohydrate based foods. Why is this? Does it have to do with the cost of production due to complexity, ie, protein structures are more intricate and harder to produce in nature than carbohydrate structures, or, is it a supply and demand issue, or what? As an example: I go to the store and see the bags of potato chips and bread cost in the 2-4 dollar range, depending on what brand and type you want, but a good piece of steak is more expensive. Ofcourse, there are cheaper cuts of meat, like ground beef that can be lower cost, but you get the point. A pound of beef or fish or chicken costs more than a pound of bread or potatoes. Why?

    Please help.

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